The 2023 Oscars were held on Sunday 12th March 2023. The 95th Academy Awards were held at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The 2023 Oscars were hosted American talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel who was the host for the 2017 & 2018 Oscars.

So the 2023 red carpet had some amazing and some interesting suits. Below are some of them plus ideas on how to recreate the Oscars look. Although this year the carpet wasn't so much red as it was champagne in colour!

Peak collared dinner suits

Wearing classic single breasted peak collar dinner suits for the 2023 Oscars. Winner of Leading Role, Brendan Frazer, Colin Farrell & his son Henry and Miles Teller. Brendan, Colin and Miles went for classic lapels whilst Henry a lightly larger lapel. Colin also finished his look off with a black cummerbund.

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Double breasted dinner suits

Andrew Garfield, Austin Butler and Michael B Jordan all wore wide lapel DB evening suits. Each styling them slightly differently. Andrew went for a more classic slim line shape. Austin opted for a squarer should and a little more of a boxy fit. Whilst Michael adorned his with Tiffany jewellery. Including several brooches, a diamond tennis bracelet and diamond ring.

We can recreate their Oscars dinner suit looks with in our custom and made-to-measure collections. Please read on for further details.

White dinner jacket at 2023 Oscars

Not so many white dinner suit this year. But the ones that were their were certainly something to talk about! Paul Mescal in 70's inspired Gucci complete with extra wide trousers and big turn ups. Seth Rogan opted to team his white shawl collar dinner jacket with mid grey trousers and a matching bow tie. Whereas Brian Tyree Henry certainly 'blinged' his up with large crystal embellished lapel and matching shirt.

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Velvet at 2023 Oscars

Not as much velvet was on the red carpet this year & what was there was mostly black. Although the styles of the jackets were varied. Lewis Pullman chose to wear velvet with ribbon edging and finished his look off with a 'western' ribbon bow tie. Danny Ramirez opted for a black velvet shawl collared style by Dior. Whereas Sam Rechner went for a classic peak collar on his velvet evening suit.

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Blue suits

Again not so many blue suits at 2023 Oscars. But the ones that were there were certainly not boring! Idris Elba wore a Royal blue single breasted jacket with wide lapels by Gucci. Charles Parnell wore a great camouflage fabric dinner suit. Whilst the composer, Justin Hurwitz, opted for a blue/green velvet suit.

Within our hire range we run royal blue dinner suits as per Idris Elba's suit. In our custom made range we run various colours of velvet including black and midnight blue. The full made-to-measure range covers all of these colours and designs, yes even camouflage!

Daring to be different

Just because you want to make a bold statement on the red carpet doesn't mean you have to go crazy. Some of 2023 Oscars stars that did just that.

Lorenzo Zurgolo wore a Gucci black peak dinner suit with crystal stars and constellations all over. Jay Ellis went for a similar feel with his Fendi suit. His had delicate black beads all over so a little more of a textured look. Paul Dano wore D&G. Again with crystals sew in to small clusters. He also went for a much looser fit, more boxy shape to his jacket. Samuel L Jackson looked amazing in a grey/silver jacket with matching satin lapels and bow tie. Gabriel La Belle opted for a burgundy wide peak lapel on his dinner suit. Dwayne Johnson opted so a 'ballet pink' DB jacket by Dolce & Gabbana with a small flower on the lapel.

If you looking for something a little different in design, cloth, colour or textured call us & arrange an appointment with our made-to-measure team. They have some great ideas on creating the perfect suit for you & your special occasion.

Pushing the boundaries at 2023 Oscars

So there are always a few that want to pushing the boundaries on at a red carpet event. Make that 'look at me' statement. In some cases it looks amazing and makes you think differently. With others you may just shake your head & wonder why!

Recreating the 2023 Oscars look

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Made-to-measure suits

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