Barberis fabric is created by the same family today as it was when it began in the textile industry in 1663. That's 3 centuries of knowledge that has gone into creating the perfect suit fabric!

Many of the factories current workers are still able to trace their family roots back through the Barberis factory. With second or third generations working at the same factory helping to create this wonderful fabric.

Location, location, location

The Vitale Barberis Canonico Italian fabric mill is located approximately 50 miles north or Turin. Nestled in the foothills of the Italian alps in the town of Biella. The factory is one of the oldest, and largest mills, in Italy. It employs over 440 people and delivers to over 80 countries around the world.

The Barberis fabric factory, all under one roof

Extraordinarily, the Barberis fabric factory is one of the few factories in the world that are able to produce every aspect of their cloth. From owning their own sheep, to undertaking fabric dying, spinning, weaving and finishing processes all in house. The factory weaves seven million meters of fabric each year. Incredibly, each meter is checked over individually by human eye for signs of flaws. A rigourous and time consuming process as you can imagine. This way it ensures each and every run of fabric is of the highest standard and best quality.

Barberis hire suits

It is with great pleasure we are able to offer this amazing Barberis fabric in our hire collection. Available in slim fit lounge suits in ink blue, silver grey and charcoal grey. The fabric is already proving to be a hit with our wedding suit hire customers. They are loving the feel of this truly luxurious and uniquely made fabric.

The ink blue, silver grey and charcoal grey wedding suits are available to hire with matching waistcoats in several different styles. Alternatively, as with all our hire suits, you can select a contrasting waistcoat from our extensive waistcoat hire collection.

If you would like an appointment to view our hire collection please call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.

Barberis fabric, made-to-measure

Barberis fabric, as with all wonderful fabrics, you can find in our made-to-measure collection. We can offer this extraordinary beautiful fabric in hundreds of colours. Styled in to the wedding suit cut of your choice. Chose from a wide selection of matching, contrast, fun or crazy linings. Have your names, initials and wedding date embroidered inside. A serious or jokey comment under your melton (the underside of the back of your collar). Matching or contrast stitching on your button holes and your selection of bone or covered buttons.

If you would like to discuss your made to measure requirements please call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171. Where Iain or Jake (Billericay shop), Kevin or James (Colchester shop) will be happy to arrange an appointment with them.