Casey Johnson & Marnie Simpson 22-3-23
Casey Johnson & Marnie Simpson 22-3-23

Casey Johnson, 2014 X Factor group, married Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore fame, on 22nd March 2023. They married at Bassmead Manor Barns in Cambridgeshire. The couple were joined by 80 of their friends and family for their wedding. The wedding should have taken place in 2021 but was delayed due to covid lock down measures.

Marnie Simpson's wedding dresses

I've heard that been carefully on your wedding day with your dress but Marnie took it one step over the top. She took a total of seven dresses! This was just in case she dropped something down one or their baby Oax was sick down one of them! Marnie only ended up wearing three of them on the day. The ceremony dress was by Galisa Grace with a cut out bodice. Then for the reception a vintage tulle ruffled dress, which was her favourite. Then came dress number three a short sexy, white minidress with opera gloves by House of CB for the party.

Casey Johnson's wedding suit

Casey Johnson wedding suit was in a very pale beige with a Prince of Wales check running through it. The jetting on both the jacket and waistcoat pockets were in navy. As were the buttons on both his suit and single breasted waistcoat. His look was finished off with a blue paisley tie and pocket square. The couples son, Rox aged 3, had an identical suit to his Dad's to play the part of ring bearer for the day.

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