Casper Jopling wedding suit choice when he married singer Ellie Goulding in August 2019. Casper chose traditional black tailcoat and stripe trousers. He combined this traditional look with a buff DB waistcoat and finished off his look with a blue tie. Creating an elegant and timeless classic look.

In our hire collection we are able to capture Casper Jopling wedding suit, traditional black tailcoat with stripe trousers look. Either in a traditional herringbone cloth or in a lightweight wool. Worn with one of our Ascot 'buff' waistcoats which are available in several different styles. These include single breasted, double breasted and scoop designs. Shown here with a matching buff tie and pocket square. Although whichever accessories you dress your tailcoat with it will always have an elegant look to it.

Black slim fit tails Ascot hire

Get wedding guest, Jimmy Carr's look.....

For Ellie's wedding Jimmy Carr chose to wear a navy tailcoat with an ivory DB waistcoat and navy patterned tie. We are able to offer in our hire range navy blue slim fit tailcoats in either lightweight wool, traditional herringbone or royal blue mohair fabrics.

Jimmy Carr's waistcoat can also be replicated in our collections. The Ascot ivory double breasted waistcoat is available in both our hire range and retail collections, in both adults and children's sizes. This waistcoat is available in single breasted, double breasted, scoop and scoop DB styles. To sit perfectly with this ivory waistcoat we also run the same cloth as ties, cravats, bow ties and pocket squares to complete your look.

The hire collection runs a navy 120 light weight wool tailcoat. It is available to hire with either matching trousers, as Jimmy Carr's outfit, or traditional stripes, as per the Grooms outfit. Alternatively we run a contrast options. Our contrast suits are available with Prince of Wales or dogtooth contrasting trousers and waistcoat. By using a contrasting trouser the wonderful tailcoat sillouette jacket shape is shown off a lot clearer.