Celebrity wedding suits are often one of the most referenced suit styles we see. When the A-listers host a wedding the photo's are all over the World's media and social media sites within minutes. Along with some of their equally famous friends who to didn't let us down in their suits choices.

David Beckham and Robbie Williams attending Prince William's wedding. They were great examples of wedding guests looking amazing. Both David and Gary wore traditional morning suits with Ascot grey waistcoats. David opting for classic DB with matching trousers and Robbie SB style with morning suit stripe trousers.

There were some high profile footballers at Sergio Ramos's wedding. Please take note, as we all know, David Beckham always looks the part when attending a wedding. From Royal weddings to his own son's he always dresses the part.

Light beige, cream & latte celebrity wedding suit

Some of the most popular celebrity wedding suit photo's that we see where the Groom has opted for a light beige or latte wedding suit. For images of some of our Anthony Grooms please check out our blog posts. Celebrity Caribbean weddings, Italy a place for celebrity weddings, Destination wedding suits, Light coloured weddings suits and many more. Would like to design your own light coloured celebrity wedding suit? Why not consider having a custom or full made-to-measure suit. If you would like to learn the difference then check out our custom made suit or made-to-measure suit blogs. Alternatively you can call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171 to set up an appointment with one of our specialists.

Dinner suits for the Groom

Dinner suits have most definately become a more popular for celebrity suits over the past few years. A trend that we have seen filter through to many of our Groom's wedding suits. Check out a few of our blogs where you can learn more details about our dinner suit collections. Along with more information on other celebrities and their wedding suit choices. Wedding hire suits, Las Vegas celebrity weddings, Italy a place for celebrity weddings, Same sex wedding suits. white dinner suits, blue dinner suits, black dinner suits and many others.

Our evening hire suit collection of dinner suits are available in several different styles and colours. These include black shawl, black peak, white shawl and royal blue shawl collared dinner suits. Alternatively we can offer both custom dinner suits and full made-to-measure dinner suits.

Celebrity tailcoat weddings

Traditional tailcoat weddings have always been the choice of society Grooms. The good news is that they have more of a modern twist to the look of the suits these days. Gone are the heavy weight fabrics of the past along with the looser fit jackets. Lightweight fabrics and slimmer fitting jackets and trousers have proved that the tailcoat wedding suit will never go out of style.

All of our tailcoat hire suits are a slim fit with a slim cut trouser in lightweight fabrics. For more information check out some of our blogs on them. Traditional tailcoat weddings, grey wedding suits, grooms navy wedding suit hire, wedding suit - a selection of our ranges, wedding hire suits plus lots more. Along side our hire suits we can offer full made-to-measure tailcoats. If you would like to use our MTM service please contact us to arrange a specialist MTM appointment.

Alternative celebrity wedding suits

Choosing a non traditional suit colour for you're wedding is only for the faint hearted. Not many celebrity Grooms have dared to be be different but I think you'll agree that the few that did really looked amazing. For more details on their weddings check out our blogs Joe Wicks wedding suit, Jay Ellis wedding suit. Many of our made-to-measure customers are looking for their own special alternative suit for their weddings. To see some of our Grooms in their own wedding suits check out the following blogs. Destination wedding suits, tweed suits for your wedding, Green suit for Grooms, alternative and different Grooms wedding suit.

Our hire suit range can offer you lambs wool suits, tweed suits and Prince of Wales suits. Our new ready to wear collection has some great tweeds and colours in it. The custom made range has approximately 150 fabrics with the alternative patterns, textures and designs. Plus the full made-to-measure collection where the choices are almost limitless!

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment to view any of our collections please call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.