Why would you choose our exclusive wedding suit hire for your big day? We think we have several reasons as to why below......

Matching suit hire for everyone

You've finally spoken with your friends and family. Carefully selected your Bestman and Ushers. Invited both the Brides father and yours all to be part of your wedding day entourage. All you've got to do now is find a suit that comes in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and a cut that can accommodate all of them. Plus, you've just remembered your 13 & 2 year old nephews who will also need matching suits!

Lets make this one easy and welcome you to the world of suit hire.

Wide selection of suits to hire.

We offer a huge selection of wedding suits to hire. Slim fit lounger suits come in royal blue, navy, ink blue and steel, three shades of grey and black. we also have five tweed suits, tails in royal blue, navy & navy herringbone, two shades of grey and two shades of black. For a classic look in a contemporary cut we also have a range of grey prince of wales check suits, Dinner suits of tuxedos come in Royal blue, black and cream and for something different we now offer dogtooth check in blue & black.

We have sizes in stock for a 2 year old boy to over 60 " chest.

royal blue wedding suit with scoop waistcoat

Lounge suits are a more contemporary choice for grooms at the moment

Royal blue slim fit morning suit wedding groom

Morning suits are the elegant choice for a more formal occasion

Dinner suit / tuxedo with scoop waistcoat wedding groom

A dinner suit or tuxedo is the ultimate sharp look.

vintage tweed burgundy grooms wedding suit

Vintage tweed wedding suits but with a modern cut.

Helpful advise on creating your look.

When coming in to find the suit hire for your wedding, a specialist hire company can offer lots useful advise. Ensuring that your hire suit will look different to your work suit and the rest of your guests attire. They know the full waistcoat and accessories collections, like the back of their hands. Therefore they can make suggestions and changes that you may not have even thought of. You can try also everything on at once in the correct size, until you find the right choice for you.

Try something different

Have you always wanted to make a statement in your suit choice but not always had the occasion to do so? This is where a hire suit can give you the option of living that dream! Always fancied top hat and tails? A tweed suit, Prince of Wales suit or a contrast suit? Well look no further, you can have the suit of your dreams. All without having the expense and also knowing you'll never be wearing anything like it again.

Sizes and fittings.

You and your entourage can be fitted for the right size suit with guidance from an expert. Which is always helpful, especially if you don't regularly wear suits. Also with suit hire, regardless of if your Bestman is just a regular size guy. The height of a basketball player or the size of a house, they can try on an outfit.

Then it comes to collecting your hire suit for your wedding day. Someone then decides that they would like a bigger trouser or a longer leg length. This can all be changed over without any stress involved.

What happens if one of your entourage live abroad? A good hire suit company can accommodate this. Putting together a complete matching hire suit for them, but still be able to make any last minute changes should they need to.


Regardless of having a 15k or 200k budget everyone has one. The costs involved in having everyone in a matching, good quality suit, either off the peg or made-to-measure, can be eye watering for some. Then there's shirts, waistcoats, ties, pocket squares, cuff links, braces and shoes on top of the cost as well. Where as hiring a suit can put everything under one roof and all at a reasonable price. Plus think of all the endless hours you've saved not having to walk around the shops or trawl the internet to try find everything!

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Groom & groomsmen in our hire dinner suits
Groom in our slim fit hire suit