Golden Globes 2020 was the 77th annual Golden Globes. It was a night where we got to see how Hollywood's elite 'dressed to impress' in their evening suits. Some kept it traditional and others added a modern twist on the classic evening attire. Using some interesting fabrics and accessories. Below are some well known faces 'wearing it well'. Along with some suggestions from both our hire and made-to-measure collections on how you can achieve a similar look yourself.

The traditional black shawl collar DJ at The Golden Globes 2020

A black shawl collar dinner suit is a timeless elegant style, which always looks timeless and smart. Worn by the Hollywood elite of Leonardo Dicaprio and Will Farrell at this years Golden Globes. From our evening wear hire collection our classic shawl collar evening suit, with the addition of a waistcoat.

The double breasted DJ

Opting for a double breasted wide lapel dinner suit. The soon to be retired James Bond, Daniel Craig, looked as good as the character he portrays on screen. From our made-to-measure dinner suit collection the same style is available in black or blue, in a classic cloth. For the more adventurous why not have an evening suit in a rich velvet or luxurious brocade.

The notch or peak lapel DJ at The Golden Globes 2020

The black notch lapel DJ was worn by a number of winners at the Golden Globes 2020. To name but a few Taron Egerton. Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe as well as the host of the evening Ricky Gervais. Here at Anthony we offer this evening suit style. Available in our hire range, custom made and made-to-measure collections.

Golden Globes 2020 - the velvet DJ

The velvet dinner jacket or full dinner suit was popular with all the celebrities this year. From the classic black coloured DJ, worn by Tom Hanks, to the more diverse colours chosen by Eddie Murphy. Eddie looked stunning in his dark plum velvet dinner suit. Chris Evans looked dashing in his full burgundy dinner suit. Ansel Elgort opted for an elegant navy blue DJ. Both our custom made and made-to-measure collection can offer a wide variety of colours in velvet. Helping you to create your perfect and unique velvet dinner jacket or full evening suit.

The textured DJ

Textured DJ were also seen on the red carpet at The Golden Globes. They were modelled perfectly by Pierce Brosnan and Brett Gelman. We offer a choice of blue dogtooth or black dogtooth in our dinner jacket hire collection. Plus textured and brocade fabrics within our custom and made-to-measure evening suit collection.

Ivory DJ's

Andrew Scott achieved full impact at The Globes wearing a shawl collared ivory DJ and soft champagne bow tie. Within our evening suit hire collection we offer a ivory shawl DJ . Should you require a little more impact why not have a custom or made-to-measure dinner suit. Design your own suit where you could add contrast lapels, lining, pocket trim and buttons.

Blue Dinner suits

The blue dinner suit will always create an interesting but subtle change to the classic black evening. With Brian Cox and Matt Bomer both opting for blue DJ's. The evening suits were made to look completely different using a change of accessories. Within our dinner suit hire collection we offer a a blue shawl collared DJ. In our custom range and made-to-measure evening suit collection many more options, designs, personal choices and details.

Bow ties

The classic evening wear black bow tie is no more. This once staple item has had a major design change, and these days any style goes. From the large teardrop or bat wing style through to the classic size. PLus a few slightly under sized bow tie they all made an appearance the Red Carpet. All the styles and sizes looked great. Plus it showed even the most basic essentials can be made to have a more personal touch.

There were even some rivals to the classic black bow tie on the Red Carpet at The Golden Globes. With Will Farrell opting for a navy spot bow to show his unique individual style. Andrew Scott chose a soft champagne gold bow tie. An unusual light colour choice, but it looked original and really stylish under his ivory dinner suit.