Thinking of having a green wedding suit? It doesn't matter if it dark forest, pastel or sage it seems that the green wedding suit is going to carry on being extremely popular for the 2024 season.

We have already noticed a high demand for green wedding suits, dinner suits and tweed suits for 2024.

Here at Anthony formal wear we are able to offer you green suits in several of our collections. In the new ready to wear range, custom made range and full made-to-measure collections.

Ready to wear suits

Sage green ready to wear tweed suit
Sage green ready to wear tweed suit

New for the season is our ready to wear range. The ready to wear suits are in store for trying on now. In the collection is a sage green tweed suit, pictured above. Once we have sized you we order the suit for you. This process normally takes a few days. Prices from *£250.00 for a 2 piece & *£275.00 for a 3 piece. For more information on the range please read our blog.

Custom made suit

Green velvet custom made wedding suit
Green velvet custom made wedding suit

Our custom made suit collection has over 100 fabrics to choose your green wedding suit fabric from. Along with an assortment of lining fabrics. Both traditional and plain along with some wild and colourful ones too. Choose your melton colour and personalise it to add to your special wedding day suit. With prices starting from *£445.00 for a 2 piece and *£535.00 for a 3 piece. For further information on custom made suits please read our blog.

Made-to-measure green wedding suit

Here at Anthony's we have thousands of cloths to choose from in our full made-to-measure collection. Helping you to create the perfect green wedding suit. The three light weight wool green wedding suits below are some of our favourites. Our made-to-measure collection prices start from *£695.00 for a 2 piece & *£895.00 for a 3 piece suit.

The advantages of having a full made-to-measure suit is that you can create your ultimate wedding suit. You can choose your fabrics, linings, stitching colour, buttons, lapel width, cut and style. Along with your own personal wedding date embroidered inside and 'message' under your melton. The Anthony made-to-measure specialists will ensure a perfect fit and help guide you through the entire process. For full details on what is involved in having a made-to-measure suit please read our blog.

MTM customer, Mr Blackmoore, in his aqua green suit

For his destination wedding Mr Blackmoore went with a pale aqua green wedding suit. The suit looked stunning on the beach with the back drop of the ocean.

Classic green MTM Grooms suit

Mid green has been another popular destination wedding for our customers. Gary wore his full suit with a matching double breasted waistcoat in Mauritius. Whilst Mr Montgomery chose made-to-measure shorts for his relaxed Caribbean wedding.

Mr Butt in his forest green wedding suit

A dark forest green suit was the choice of Mr Butt. This rich British racing green colour looked perfect for his wedding. He put his groomsmen in our navy lounge 3 piece hire suits. This ensured he really did stand out on his wedding day.

Green Dinner suit

If your having a dinner suit or tuxedo wedding trying to make yourself stand out from the rest of your wedding group isn't that easy. Although the conventional black dinner suit is both elegant and timeless, as the Groom, how do you make yourself look different?

In our made-to-measure range we can help you design your perfect wedding suit. Have you thought about a rich, opulent green velvet jacket? or a smart, sleek light weight wool? Both can be made in a variety of jacket styles, single peak lapel, notch lapel, shawl collar double breasted to name a few. The wonderful thing about a made-to-measure suit is that you design it to your personal vision. For more details on our made-to-measure collection please read our blog.

Green wedding suit in tweed

All weddings are uniquely individual. Some are held in grand castles and hotels, very formal and traditional. For these styles of wedding they require a suit to match the setting. However, we are finding that lots of our customers are aiming for a more relaxed vibe to their wedding day. With weddings held in converted barns, farms and even woodlands. For a more relaxed but yet formal look a tweed wedding suit can tick all the boxes. Still designed and tailored to your own styles and fitted to perfection a tweed suit can offer a less traditional look.

*Prices are correct as of August 2023 but may be subject to change.