Tuxedo or dinner suit for wedding Grooms is really coming out of its shell again these days. It's great to see that evening suits have made a break through from just being restricted to black tie events one. (Traditionally evening suits were worn for late afternoon and evening weddings only.) Here at Anthony formal wear we are currently finding that evening wear is increasing being chosen by our Grooms and their entourage for their wedding days. Earning its well deserved place back along side the lounge suits and morning tail suits, which have taken over in more recent years.

Always the quintessential British James Bond look which, I believe, all men have aspired to at some point in their lives. By Grooms choosing evening wear as a wedding suit the elegance of evening wear has been recognised once again. Granted the evening wear look has been updated, twisted and given a new lease of life! Releasing it from its very strict traditional origins in to the modern wedding suit look of today.

Tuxedo or dinner suit , Red Carpet style

From the offset in January at the 2020 Golden Globes, evening wear has been making statements and showing off individual personalities and style. Working the classic black at the Globes were Leonardo Di Caprio, who chose a shawl collar. Daniel Craig who opted for a DB style through to Taron Egerton who wore a peak collar evening suit.

Shades of blue dinner suits were the selection for Brian Cox and Matt Bomer. Going for more noticeable statement pieces were Eddie Murphy and Ansel Elgot who both looked stunning in rich shades of velvet. Along with the textured evening suits favoured by Pierce Brosnan and Brett Gelman. And who could forget Andrew Scott, who stood out in his ivory dinner suit with a gold bow tie.

The BAFTA’s red carpet evening suits also proved to be an interesting mix of styles, fabrics and colours. Award winners Joanquin Phoenix and Sam Mendes favoured the black shawl collar suit. With the peak collar being worn by Bradley Cooper and, the new Rising Star winner, Michael Ward. A blue evening suit was the choice for Taika Waititi when he collected his Best Adapted Screen Play BAFTA.

This time the statement pieces were worn by the host of the evening, Graham Norton, who rocked a red evening suit with embroidery. Kelvin Harrison who opted for the ivory dinner jacket and bat wing bow tie. And the vibrant velvet evening suits were selected by Andrew Scott and Taron Egerton.

Grooms tuxedo or Dinner suit wear for your wedding day

Traditionally evening suits were worn for afternoon and early evening weddings. Over the last few years the dinner suit has been making a comeback for Grooms on their wedding day. It is a look that everyone knows and feels comfortable with whatever their generation.

The second suit

Grooms where you aware that becoming more popular is the second suit option? You have the Brides to thank for that idea, where they are having a second dress for the reception and evening. Second suits are a wonderful idea to capture two totally different looks in to your wedding day. Some use it to conform during the day and get those perfect traditional wedding photo's but come the evening show a different side to your personality. Others want something more traditional smart and elegant during the day but an evening suit for the reception. Some just couldn't choose between two different looks, and so chose them both!

Idris Elba chose to wear a second suit at his wedding day back in April 2019. Opting for a smart lounge suit for the ceremony and changing in to a peak lapel dinner suit for the evening reception.

Slim fitting Dinner suit / tuxedo to hire

Hire slim fit peak lapel dinner suit

There are many evening suit choices with our hire ranges that can be dressed in many ways. This is an example of one of our slim fitting dinner suit with peak lapels. This evening suit is dressed with a black Duchess satin collarless double breasted waistcoat, marcella shirt and traditional size black bow tie.

Hire shawl collar evening suit

Shawl collared dinner suits were popular at both the Golden Globes and The BATFA's this year from Leonard Di Caprio to Joanquin Phoenix. If this is the look your aiming for then we are able to offer a slim fitting shawl collar evening suit. Dressed here with a black Duchess satin scoop style waistcoat.

Dog tooth hire evening suit

Want something slightly different for your wedding outfit? Then why not add some texture into it with our dog tooth evening suits. This black slim fitting dogtooth textured suit is dressed with a black Duchess satin single breasted waistcoat.

slim fit navy dog tooth dinner suit

Our slim fit navy dogtooth evening suit has been dressed with a black Duchess satin scoop waistcoat. Which links it into the black satin on the jacket lapels and trim. Worn here with a white Marcella dress stud shirt and traditional black bow tie.

Royal blue slim fit hire DJ

Our royal blue slim fit evening suits are a way of standing out on your wedding day. Especially if you have requested your guests to wear dinner suits. This slim fit evening suit is shown with a matching scoop waistcoat and navy ribbed bow tie.

Ivory shawl collar evening suit

Want your Grooms suit to really stand out on your wedding day. Take a peak at Harry Kane's wedding photograph's, check out Andrew Scott at the Globes or Kelvin Harrison at the BAFTA's. An ivory evening suit will always make a bold statement, dress it up with a cummerbund or waistcoat and bow tie.

Made-to-measure grooms tuxedo dinner for wedding.

Have you ever wanted a wedding suit to fit you 'like a glove'? Wanted your suit to have the most luxurious fabric to touch? Designed, cut and styled just the way you want it, with special finishing touches such as personal linings, button holes, embroidery and trimmings? Then a made-to-measure evening suit is just what you are looking for. There are 100's of qualities of cloth in many plain, textured, brocades and velvet's that could all create the evening suit of your dreams. Why not contact our made-to-measure teams to discuss your evening wear Grooms suit requirements today. The contact numbers are Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.

You can see some of our real grooms in hire and mad to measure grooms tuxedo dinner suit for wedding on our instagram feed.

Groom in one of our made to measure dinner suits.
Groom in one of our made to measure velvet jackets.

An over view of our hire ranges is available here.