At long last we have our new range of Harris tweed accessories in store.

The most important thing when designing the range was getting a true Harris tweed. After much searching we eventually found a mill on the isle of Lewis that can trace it's linage back to the original black house hand weavers centuries ago. This Eco friendly cloth made using Cheviot fleeces produces unique, individualistic and bespoke Harris Tweeds of the very highest quality.

The mill uses an exclusive unique finishing machine, it is wooden, and creates a gentler and softer milling motion to the Harris Tweed cloth, than the more modern stainless steel machinery.

It is not only machinery and skills that are unique to This Mill, the cloths are very special too, and consequently, the products produced from This Harris Tweed are outstanding.

Once we had gone through the their range we selected 4 Initial cloths to start our range with. We chose cloths and designs that complimented our hire suit ranges as well as our bespoke range. we also had to make sure the design was close enough for bow ties and ties and fitted in with a vintage and slightly dandy look we were trying to achieve.

Laid back summer wedding

We already had a design sorted on the waistcoats, ties and bows, however during cutting we did change one detail. Our prototype for the range had flap pockets, but when made up it just did not feel right so instead we opted for a welted pocket with the pattern lined up on the bias. The waistcoat has a few nice touches like vented sides, right hand ticket pocket and a slightly longer dropped back lining. The low 3 button design is cut so a slight edge is visible alongside the lapel roll of the jacket, this style also allows it to be worn a little more informally with maybe a contrasting pair of trousers and a bow tie for that laid back summer wedding.

DSCF0124 DSCF0097 DSCF0052DSCF0086