Italy seems to be the country where most celebrities get married in Europe. I have found that outside of Las Vegas Italy is the most popular place for celebrities to get married. It seems to still have that image of the most 'Romantic country on earth'. Due to the quantity of celebrity weddings being held there it appears to be keeping up with it's image.

Here are a few favourite Italian destinations that the celebrities chose for their weddings. Along with their wedding suits and how to recreate them.

Lake Como, Italy

Martine McCutcheon & Jack's wedding & Elettra Lambourgini & DJ Afrojack's wedding

There were a few similarities between Martine & Jack and Elettra & DJ Afrojack weddings. Both couples chosing to have their weddings at Villa Balbianello in Italy. Plus Jack and DJ Afrojack chose to wear black peak lapel dinner suits with classic bow ties and white pocket squares. This classic look can be achieved in all of our collections. Hire wear, custom made or full made-to-measure.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen's wedding

For the wedding of John Legend & Chrissy Teigen back in 2013 they opted for Villa Pizzo. John wore a black suit with a white hand tied bow tie for their wedding. Although the designed wasn't disclosed for this suit we can tell it was bespoke due the the different buttonhole detailing on his notch lapel. This is the kind of small detail that can be added with our made-to-measure service. Plus a lot more exciting little finishing touches.

Rochelle & Marvin Humes Vow renewal

For their 10th Anniversary renewal Rochelle & Marvin Humes went to Lake Como with their family to Villa D'Este. Marvin opted for a black evening suit with a matching black bow tie and shirt. This look can be achieved within our hire, custom made and made-to-measure collections.

Spotifiy's Daniel EK & Sofia Levander's wedding

Founder of Spotify, Daniel EK married Sofia Levander on 27th August 2016. Their wedding took place at Villa Pliniana and the hotel Il Sereno on Lake Como Italy. Daniel chose a more relaxed feel to his choice of suit. Opting a biscuit colour 2 piece linen suit over an open necked powder blue shirt. Completing his look with a burgundy and white spot pocket square. A look that you often see in high society is to clash your pocket square against your shirt or tie colour. This look can be created using both our custom and made-to-measure collections. In our new for 2023 made-to-measure range we can now offer a non-crease linen, the first of it's kind. So you can have the look and feel of linen without looking like a screwed up rag after you've sat down!


Leona Lewis & Dennis Jauch's wedding

Leona and Dennis chose to host their 2019 wedding in Tuscany. Held at Sting & Trudie Styler's home Il Palagio. A 16th century 865 acre estate that the couple have owned since 1997. For their vegan Buddist wedding Dennis Jauch wore a double breasted wide lapel dinner suit with a classic black bow tie. This look has already been recreated by our made-to-measure team for Mr Walsh's wedding. Although Mr Walsh added his own person touches to complete his look. If you would like to design your own dinner suit for your wedding please contact our made-to-measure team.

Sorrento, Italy

Mario Falcone & Becky Miesner's wedding

TOWIE's Mario Falcone married Becky Miesner at the Relais Blu hotel in Sorrento on 1st June 2022. Giovanna Fletcher's little brother, Mario opted for a single breasted peak lapel dinner suit, Marcella dress stud shirt and black bow tie. Mario & Becky's 3 year old son, Parker, also had a matching wedding suit to his Dad. Mario & Parker's look can be recreated within our hire, custom made and made-to-measure collections.

Portofino, Italy

Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster

Portofino was the choice for Rod Stewart when he married Penny Lancaster back on 16th June 2007. They had a small ceremony earlier in the day held at Villa Durazzo followed by an evening reception at La Cervara. Rod chose to keep his wedding suit very traditional in a black tailcoat with stripe trousers. Although he did change his suit several times, as did Penny her dress. Traditional tailcoats can be hire or made-to-measure within our collection.

Kourntney Kardashian & Travis Barker's wedding no.3 in Italy

Kourtney & Travis wedding number 1 was in Las Vegas after The Grammy's. Unfortunately they didn't get a license so it wasn't valid. Their second wedding was on the cliff tops in Santa Barbara this one was the official one. The main event was their 3rd wedding held in Portofino, Italy. It was hosted at the Dolce & Gabbana private complex in L'Uliveto. They went on to party at Castello Brown a castle turned museum. For his wedding suit the Blink 182 drummer wore a bespoke D&G double breasted dinner suit with wide lapels along with a gold statement cross brooch. We can replicate Travis's DB evening suit with in our made-to-measure collection as shown by Mr Walsh on his wedding day.

Puglia, Italy

David Hasselhoff & Hayley Robert's wedding

When David Hasselhoff married Hayley Roberts back in 2018 they chose Puglia in Italy for their celebrations. Opting for the beautiful Masseria Pettolecchia La Residenza resort in Puglia. For his wedding suit 'The Hoff' went for a semi-morning coat look, an outfit we rarely see these days. It consists of a black lounge jacket over traditional wedding stripe trousers, normally only worn with a tailcoat. He finished off his look with a traditional Ascot grey single breasted waistcoat and wide grey & black stripe tie. This look can be recreated within all of our collections, hire, custom made or full made-to-measure.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel held their wedding at Borgo Egnazia Resort in Puglia back on 19th October 2012. Justin wore a bespoke Tom Ford ribbon trim dinner suit with a slightly larger black bow tie and white pocket square. Within our made-to-measure collection we are able to offer a ribbon trim dinner suit. To be honest you design your own suit so you can have whatever style you like! Unfortunately I didn't have a sample photo.


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's wedding

Kim & Kanye, I don't even need to mention the surnames, got married in Florence Italy at Forte di Belvedere on 24th May 2014. Kanye chose to have a bespoke Givenchy shawl collared dinner suit with a classic black bow tie. This look can be recreated in our hire, custom made and made-to-measure collections.

Theo Walcott & Melanie Slade's wedding

Theo Walcott married his childhood sweetheart Melanie Slade in Tuscany in 2013. Their wedding was held at Castello di Vincigliata. Theo loved the setting so much he even had it made in to a tattoo! For his wedding suit choice Theo selected a mid to light grey 3 piece lounge suit. Finishing off his look with an ivory tie and pocket square to match Melanie's dress. This look can be recreated for your wedding using all of our collections. Hire, custom made and full made-to-measure.

David Bowie & Iman's wedding

David Bowie & Iman Abdulmajid chose to get married in Florence at Villa La Massa back in June 1992. For his wedding suit David chose a close friend, designer Thierry Mugler. David when asked about his suit said:

I asked my good friend Thierry Mugler, who has been designing my suits for a good few years now, to do a variation on traditional evening tails. He has done a delightful job. I think it looks quite dashing. I know Mugler likes it, but Mugler likes everything he designs and nine times out of ten, so do I.

In 2022 for his wedding Brooklyn Beckham also chose to wear classic evening tails. We can offer classic evening tails for hire or made-to-measure.

Venice, Italy

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's wedding

George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in september 2014. They chose to host their wedding at The Aman Canal Grande Hotel situated on the Grand canal. The bride wore Oscar de la Renta and George his signature suit designer, Giorgio Armani. George looked amazing in this peak lapel dinner suit with black bow tie and a dress stud shirt with clear dress studs. Just to prove he loved it he also wore his wedding suit to the 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

We can help you recreate George's peak lapel dinner suit within our hire, custom and full made-to-measure services.

Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault's wedding

On 14th February 2009 actress Salma Hayek married french billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault at the 6th Arrondisement City Hall in Paris. They celebrated their wedding in September with a star studded line up in Venice. First hosting their ceremony at La Fenice Opera house and then moving on to a reception at Palazzo Grassi, which is owned by the Pinault family. For the Venice celebration Francois opted for a traditional black peak collar evening suit. Completed with a black dress stud shirt, traditional black bow tie and white pocket square. A look which can be replicated with in our hire, custom made and made-to-measure evening suit collection.

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