Las Vegas, Sin City, world renown for it's gambling, 24/7 parties & having a 'quicky' marriage. This is the most popular place on earth for celebrity weddings. Over the years there have been some of the biggest stars in show business who have chosen Las Vegas as their destination. Below are just a few of the 20th century wedding and what they wore for their weddings.

With one exception, I had to include The King of Vegas Elvis & lets be honest you can't mention Las Vegas without mentioning Elvis, can you?

Elvis & Priscilla

Although I wanted to focus on the more recent Brides & Grooms I couldn't not mention this one! Probably one of the most spoken about weddings of the 20th century, Elvis & Priscilla, the 'King of Rock & Roll' and most probably the King of Las Vegas too. This celebrity couple got married in 1967 at The Aladdin Hotel & Casino (replaced with Planet Hollywood). Elvis opted for a black paisley jacquard shawl collared dinner suit with a matching waistcoat and classic black bow tie. A look that is still popular to this day as a wedding suit. Having said that, in my opinion, maybe not the ruffled shirt. However I have seen a few recently on the red carpet.

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Sean Stewart (Rod's son) & Jody Weintraub 14/2/23

Rod Stewart's son Sean was taking a romantic trip with Jody to Las Vegas for Valentines Day. He proposed to her as planned over dinner at Catch restaurant in the Aria Resort & Casino. Then deciding to get a marriage licence at 10pm before heading to 'Little Chapel of the West' to tie the knot. For the ceremony Sean wore jeans and a white YSL sweater. The Bride in a black cashmere jumpsuit.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck 17/7/22

Ben Affleck married Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas on 17th July 2022. Jennifer and Ben's wedding was held at The 'Little White Chapel' where Ben's wore a white dinner suit. The only photo of Ben's suit was a selfie which he took when changing into it in the toilets, Jennifer stated afterwards it was a suit he already owned in his closet.

On 21st August 2022 they celebrated their wedding again. This time 'at home' at Ben's 9 million dollar plantation estate style home in Riceborou Georgia. Once again Ben opted for a white dinner jacket, but this time it was a 'new' one by Ralph Lauren.

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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker 3/4/22 - the Las Vegas one!

Travis & Kourtney under went a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas, but it turned out that they didn't get a licence so it was more of a show than a wedding. For this 'celebration' they wore matching black leather biker jackets and sun glasses. Kourtney & Travis did then go on to have 2 further wedding ceremonies. The first in Santa Barbara to make it official, the second in Italy an extremely lavish bash.

Riko Shibata & Nicholas Cage 16/2/21

Nicholas Cage married Riko Shibata on 16th February 2021. It was a small wedding held at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Following in Elvis's wedding attire foot steps, Nicholas wore a black jacquard dinner suit by Tom Ford . He paired it with a classic bow tie and a winged collared shirt.

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David Harbour & Lily Allen 7-9-20 - Las Vegas covid wedding!

Just hours before their wedding at 'Graceland Wedding Chapel' Lily Allen didn't even own a wedding dress. Luckily enough she found perfect dress at Christian Dior. David wore a navy blue lounge suit with a navy spot bow tie. Their wedding was just the two of them & Lily's daughters from her previous relationship. Oh & Elvis of course! After the wedding the family all celebrated with burgers outside. This was due to the countries covid restriction rules in place at the time.

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Rachel Riley & Pasha Kovalev 28-6-19

Countdown's Rachel Riley married Strictly Come Dancing pro Pasha Kovalev at The 'Fremont Wedding Chapel' in Las Vegas, before posing for photo's at The Bellagio Hotel. For the low key event both Bride & Groom kept it simple. With Pasha just wearing a navy blazer and chino's.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner 1-5-19

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in Las Vegas straight after the Billboards Music Awards. They had their improptu wedding at 'Little White Wedding Chapel'. With Joe quoted as saying

"We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one," Joe once told Harper's Bazaar. "It was either the courthouse, or our version, and I preferred our version—friends, Elvis, and Ring Pops."

They later held at lavish affair in June in the South of France for all their friends and family.

For the Las Vegas wedding Joe wore a mid grey double breasted wide lapel suit. Joe's DB suit can be recreated using our custom and made-to-measure collections.

Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth 10-10-16, was Las Vegas real?

Held at the 'Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel' that Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth got married. Their wedding took place in front of just their mum's on 10th October 2016. The only problem is that according to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau that's not the case. The say that a married license was never issued for the couple therefore it was a commitment ceremony & not a wedding. LaBeouf, known for pulling many a prank, dismisses this claim. So who knows was it real?

All I do know is that Shia LaBeouf chose to wear a black slim fit lounge suit. He completed his look with a white shirt, black tie and trainers.

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Mike Tyson & Lakiha Spicer 6-9-09, so good they did it twice!

1980's undisputed Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson, married Lakiha Spicer on 6th September 2009 at 'La Belle Wedding Chapel' in Las Vegas. It was a small private affair with no guests or special wedding outfits. The wedding took place just a few weeks after the tragic death of Tyson's daughter. The couple came back under the ruse of a Birthday party in 2011. They chose to renew their vows at The M Resort. The Muslim ceremony was witnessed by all their friends and family, Mike & Lakiha then disappeared to another room to change. A curtain was then pulled back for the big reveal, Mike & Lakiha were now dressed ready to renew their wedding vows.

For the renewal Mike changed into a black suit with an ivory tie that matched with Lakiha's dress.

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Las Vegas as a wedding destination

The celebrities who have got married in Las Vegas list is an endless one and we all know there will be plenty more celebrities added to it.

So will be the next celebrity couple to tie the knot in Vegas? Well that's the joy of Las Vegas. Nobody knows until it happens and for all we know it could be happening right now.