The pleasure of having a custom made or made-to-measure suit is adding the extra special finishing touches, such as your melton and lining. Whilst you know what a fancy lining is, do you know what and where the melton is on your jacket? Yes? No? Not sure? Then let us help, guide and inspire you...

What and where is the melton on your jacket?

The simple answer to that question in underneath the back of your collar. A wonderful secretive hidden away area on your jacket. The melton is can be made using a contrast felted cloth or matched in with the main fabric of your suit. As with all made-to-measure suits this is your personal choice.

Its a great way of sharing (or not) a personal message to your Bride, your own personal mantra or just a fun statement. Ever popular are the Bride and Grooms initials and wedding date.

Your own personal mantra or fun classic wedding statement.

Here at Anthony formal wear we've had special requests for 'comments' on various football clubs, song lyrics and some things to risque mention on this website!

Lining fabrics

Parrot suit lining
Grooms made-to-measure with floral lining

Having selected your luxurious wedding suit fabric how can you express your own personality and sense of fun? Well the lining of your suit can do just that. Although a classic matching, paisley, spot or self textured lining can be both elegant and sophisticated it's not for everyone. For the slightly more adventurous a lining to match in with your wedding theme or Bridesmaid colours can create a touch of simple class.

If you really want to add your own flair and personality then why not just go for it. Take inspiration from one of our Grooms made-to-measure personal lining choices.

It's always interesting to know where Grooms get their ideas from. We've had weddings held in the Bahamas with a flamingo lining, this is the national bird of that country. Through to sports themed suit linings due to a Grooms own hobby or interest. How bright, bold and different is just down to you. The sky's your limit.