Menswear at the Oscars 2020 was as dazzling as the paparazzi flash bulbs that went off constantly. The menswear on the red carpet was as outstanding as we are use to expecting at this event. An array of different evening suit styles were adorn by the 'Stars of Hollywood'.

Worth taking note of was that the styling of dinner suits were a little more classic than at The BAFTA's or Golden Globes. There were a lot more black suits rather than the midnight blue or rich stronger coloured velvet dinner suits. Although, obviously, not everyone chose to keep the traditional black tie dress code black.

Anthony formal wear suit on the red carpet

Dominick Fairbanks wearing Anthony formal wear
Anthony formal wear at The Oscars 2020

We are proud to show one of our own customers, Dominick Fairbanks walking the red carpet at The Oscars 2020. Dominick's suit was designed for him by our made-to-measure team. His black velvet dinner suit came with wide peak lapels and his waistcoat was design specifically to wear at The Oscars. Dominick's family member, Douglas Fairbanks, was the founder and 1st president of The Oscars. It is down to him that this prestigious event now takes place annually.

The Winners suit choice when doing the 2020 hat trick

Winner of The Golden Globes, Best Actor in a motion picture. Winner of a BAFTA for Leading Actor and now Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix has found his lucky suit style. He has been wearing a black shawl collar dinner suit for all three events and won them all. It will be interesting to see what he wears for his next red carpet event. I'm going to take a bet it will be a shawl collared suit!

Winner of the Golden Globes Best actor in a supporting role. Winner of a BAFTA for Supporting actor and now Winner of an Oscar. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, wore a different suits to the Globes and Oscars (he wasn't at the BAFTA's). A peak lapel for The Golden Globes and a black shawl collar dinner suit for The Oscars.

The award for the most worn suit style goes to....the peak lapel dinner suit

This years winner for the most popular style of menswear at the Oscars was definately the black peak lapel dinner suit. Worn by everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to James Corden this peak lapel dinner suit looked every inch the elegant must have suit choice for The Oscars. We run a peak lapel dinner suit in all of our ranges, hire, custom made or made-to-measure.

The shawl collar dinner suit

The shawl collar dinner suit was still the choice menswear at The Oscars for Joaquin Phoenix, Sam Mendes and Tony Hale. Each choosing to put their own style twist on their suit. Joaquin kept it very traditional with a black bow tie, Sam opted for the black tie. Tony Hale worn it with a black shirt and classic bow tie. It's quite interesting to see that by just changing one thing ie Joaquin and Tony's shirt colours how different a suit can look.

Velvet dinner suit

The velvet dinner suit did make an appearance at The Oscars this year. Unlike the Golden Globes or The BAFTA's, where we saw velvet in in opulent rich colours. Velvet was only worn on the red carpet in black. Having said that. I have to add by two of the most well know faces in Hollywood. Tom Hanks and Oscar Winner Brad Pitt. Both of them chose this wonderful rich fabric in a shawl collar style jacket with a wide 'batwing' black bow tie. Tom wore his with a dress studded shirt and Brad with a fly front shirt.

Daring to be different

As one would expect leading the 'daring to be different' category of menswear at The Oscars is the one and only Sir Elton John. Sir Elton didn't disappoint. He chose a bright purple, wide peak lapel dinner suit. Adding a trim of crystal edging and finished off with his 'Rocketman' pin. Bernie Taupin wore a dark navy textured peak lapel DJ with a matching black shirt and bow tie. Winners of Best filming Editing, Michael McCusker and Andrew Buckland, both chose midnight blue dinner suits. One with a shawl collar and the other with a peak lapel. Although a unusual choice in colour, Omar Sherif Junior's rich chocolate brown suit really stood out. His dinner suit had wide lapels and he finished off the look with a large 'batwing' bow tie.