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  1. Where are we exhibiting in 2020?

    Where are we exhibiting in 2020?

    Wedding Shows for 2020 Ranges of suit hire & tailoring will be on display at the various wedding shows from February till May 2020. We will be showing our ranges of slim fit lounge suits, dinner suits & tailcoat suits available to hire along side some of our made-to-measure tailoring outfits at various wedding shows throughout 2020. Dates and venue...
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  2. Congratulations to our winner!

    We would like send a huge congratulate Mr Aaron Mason from Earls Colne, Essex on being the winner of our Chelmsford City Racecourse made-to-measure suit competition. We look forward to you coming in to create your suit soon.
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  3. Win a made-to-measure suit at Chelmsford City Racecourse

    For the first time ever we are offering any future Groom's the opportunity to win a made-to-measure suit up to the value of £795.00! Classic Pink Floyd album quoteA classic pin up lining with initials and wedding date embroidered onto the liningA bit of fun can go either way, but the bride was amused on this occassion. To be able...
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  4. When should we book our wedding suits?

    When should we book our wedding suits?

    Wedding suits...the fact that your asking yourself the question "when should we book our wedding suits" means that you are ready to book them. Majority of Brides buy their dresses 12 months in advance of the wedding. Lets be honest though, most men aren't so well organised. As a rule most men start looking November through to March for the...
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  5. Top tips for Grooms

    Customers often ask us for some top tips for Grooms to ensure that you are keeping it smart and sharp on your wedding day. Please find below a few of them along with the reasons behind them. Shirts..our top tips Our shirts top tips...Whether you have bought your shirt, or it comes as part of your hire package please ensure...
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  6. Grooms wedding shoes

    Grooms wedding shoes

    Everything ready for your wedding? Grooms, have you even though about your wedding shoes? Do you want everyone in the same shoes? Same colour? Same style? Not really sure? OK, then lets try and help you... Shoe designs Lets start by narrowing down the shapes and designs to the basic 5 that tend to work for most Grooms wedding shoes...
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  7. What should be worn to a  'Black Tie' event? or a 'White Tie' event?

    What should be worn to a 'Black Tie' event? or a 'White Tie' event?

    Over the years, some traditions have been dropped or lost. Therefore it can be most confusing when you receive an invitation requesting the dress code of 'Black Tie' or 'White Tie'. Hopefully below I will be able to make things a little clearer for you........ Black Tie Events With an invitation for an event that states Black Tie, the hosts...
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  8. Wedding pocket watches, tie slides and cuff links

    Wedding pocket watches, tie slides and cuff links

    Pocket watches, tie slides and cuff links are an easy way to stand out and make a statement on your wedding day. I know, traditionally it is left up to the Bride to make the statement, but hey don't forget it's your special day too! We've always aimed to make our Grooms stand out in the crowd, to be one...
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