Prince of Wales wedding suit fabric historically was called Glen Urquhart plaid or Glenquhart check named because it came from the valley or Glenquhart near the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. Worn by workers on the estate of Countess Caroline of Seafield. After seeing the design on a hunting trip visit King Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales, fell fond of the check fabric. He wore it so much it earned the nickname 'Prince of Wales'.

Several years later the Kings grandson, the Duke of Windsor (the one who abdicated) who also had an eye for fashion, also found a love for the Scottish design. This brought the 'Prince of Wales' fabric back in to fashion where it has never really left us.

Wedding suits in Prince of Wales fabric to hire

Due to is popularity, originally favoured by the Royals and the "High Society" set, this fabric continues to exude sophistication and refinement, making it a classic option for wedding attire. A slim fit Prince of Wales wedding suit offers the perfect blend of modern fashion and traditional elegance. The check or plaid pattern adds visual interest and texture to your wedding suit.

While the check pattern was initially often a green-based design, reflecting the natural beauty of the Urquhart valley, modern interpretations tend to feature softer, more subtle hues. Shades of soft grey are the most popular, with additional colours running through the plaid to add depth and dimension to the fabric.

By choosing a slim fit Prince of Wales wedding suit, Grooms can embrace both the contemporary appeal of check fabric and the timeless charm of this classic material.

The Prince of Wales suit is available to hire or can be individually designed using our made to measure suit service.

Prince of Wales slim fit grooms wedding suit

Prince of Wales fabric slim fit wedding suit worn with a matching scoop waistcoat. This outfit is available to hire with different waistcoat styles and tie options. It also looks great with a bow tie.

Waistcoats in Prince of Wales fabric

If a full Prince of Wales fabric wedding suit is just a little to much for you? Then maybe just a waistcoat under a classic wedding suit is the right amount of this fabric for you. Our waistcoat hire collection is available in classic single breasted and double breasted along with its modern waistcoat style, scoop. Plus additional designs within our made to measure suit service.

Accessories in Prince of Wales fabric

Adding just Prince of Wales accessories like a tie or bow tie, along with a coordinating pocket square, can elevate your wedding suit without overwhelming it. This approach allows you to maintain a classic and sophisticated look while still adding a touch of personality and style to your outfit.

Another thoughtful suggestion is to involve family members, such as your grandad, in just matching accessories. Having your grandad wear the same Prince of Wales tie as the wedding party can be a meaningful way to include him in the celebration. It makes him feel honoured and special on your big day. It's a gesture that adds a personal and sentimental touch to your wedding.

Made-to-measure suits in Prince of Wales fabric

As with all of our fabrics should you want that little bit more then look no further than a made-to-measure suit. We have a vast array of Prince of Wales fabrics in all colours and check sizes. Chose your cut, style, design, lining, buttons, button holes, embroidery details and have it fitted to perfection. In fact, you could say, fit for a King!

For further information on what is involved in designing your perfect made to measure suit please check out our blog.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your hire, custom made or full made to measure suit please contact us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.
Groom in a made to measure prince of wales suit.
Groom in made to measure prince of wales suit and groomsmen in navy hire suits with matching waistcoats.