Royal Enclosure

"Gentlemen are kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear either black or grey morning dress suit for royal ascot which must include:

         • A waistcoat and tie (no cravats)

       • Either, a black or grey top hat

        • Black shoes worn with socks

A direct quote taken from the Royal Ascot racecourse official dress code website.

As I'm sure you are aware, should you find yourself lucky enough to have received an invitation to the Royal enclosure there is a required dress code. Not sure, gentlemen, what to wear for Royal Ascot? Unsure as to the Royal Ascot dress code? Do not worry, it is not such a minefield, we can help you to look dapper & elegant. Should you require to hire a black or grey lightweight tailcoat or a traditional black or grey herringbone tailcoat we can assist you in finding the right morning suit to hire that will make you look & feel as stylish as the ladies. All of our suits are cut in a slimmer more contemporary cut with slim fit trousers while still retaining the classic look required for a Royal Ascot suit.

Want to try and beat the ladies at their own game? Have you ever thought of designing your own made-to-measure Royal Ascot suit? If so please contact our specialist made-to-measure team to set up an appointment before the end of April to ensure delivery in time for Royal Ascot.

Queen Anne enclosure

"Gentlemen are required to wear a suit with jacket and trousers of the same colour and pattern with a shirt and tie.

Gentlemen are kindly asked to wear a tie at all times and to note that bow ties and cravats are not allowed.

Socks must be worn."

Quoted from the Royal Ascot racecourse official dress code website.

The dress requirement is not as strict in the Queen Anne enclosure. Although you will still see a lot of tailcoats along side the lounge suits. We can provide a sleek modern slim fit lounge hire suit from our collection as well as the traditional tailcoat attire. All of our Royal Ascot suit hires come with slim fit trousers for a more contemporary cut.

Fancy something that will wow the crowds? Why not treat yourself to a made-to-measure suit. You never know it may prove to be lucky, & if it is, then I'm sure you'll want to spend your winnings on another one!

Please note all made-to-measure orders must be placed by the end of April to ensure delivery in time for Ascot.