Eco-friendly & sustainable wedding suits

Our sustainable wedding suit hire does help a bit, but when it comes to the planet we all need to try harder. In the mean time, all we can do is our 'bit'. What can be better than being able to say that by hiring wedding suits you are actually doing your 'bit' for the environment. Especially as you may not have even realised you were!

We have always taken pride in our suit quality. By using natural pure wool, lambs wool and mohair fabrics for our wedding hire suits. All of which are sustainable fibers. Did you know that a natural wool, lambs wool or mohair suits score extra sustainability points since it's naturally biodegradable? And all whilst using and supporting local and UK based brands and companies. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint it also helps the local economy too. So within the hire industry we can class our wedding hire suits as both sustainable* and Eco-friendly** wedding suits.

I have taken the quote below from The New York Times

“More than 60 percent of fabric fibers are now synthetics, derived from fossil fuels.” If those synthetic clothing items are thrown away and dumped into a landfill, they will not decay and instead release methane gas into the environment. Synthetic clothes not dumped into a landfill are thrown into the incinerator, causing more CO2 to be released into the atmosphere.

Doing your bit with eco-friendly wedding suit hire

Nowadays the World is being more environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to clothing. Here at Anthony's being able to offer a sustainable Grooms wedding suit choice puts a smile on our faces. Although hiring wedding suits is an obvious and easy way to do your 'bit'. Doesn't it feel great knowing your wedding is just a little more sustainable, Eco-friendly and better for the environment all round.

Below I have taken an interesting quote from Harpers Bazaar

Every time you rent, you participate in the shared clothing economy. Renting a dress or a suit for wedding reduces the amount of clothing that eventually ends up in the bottom of your wardrobe or landfill. Basically, renting on your big day is a great circular option.

So when it comes to your wedding and selecting your wedding suits. Hiring i.e Eco-friendly & sustainable wedding suits is the way forward. Its worth knowing that by hiring your suits you are helping to solve a growing world wide problem rather than adding to it. Doing your bit for future generations by using natural sustainable fabrics. Helping your family grow up in a healthier World. Its just another thing to feel good and smile about on your wedding day.

The Cambridge dictionary states

*sustainable - causing, or made in a way that causes, little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time

**Eco-friendly - designed to have little or no damaging effect on the environment