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  1. Top tips for Grooms

    Customers often ask us for some top tips for Grooms to ensure that you are keeping it smart and sharp on your wedding day. Please find below a few of them along with the reasons behind them. Shirts..our top tips Our shirts top tips...Whether you have bought your shirt, or it comes as part of your hire package please ensure...
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  2. What should be worn to a  'Black Tie' event? or a 'White Tie' event?

    What should be worn to a 'Black Tie' event? or a 'White Tie' event?

    Over the years, some traditions have been dropped or lost. Therefore it can be most confusing when you receive an invitation requesting the dress code of 'Black Tie' or 'White Tie'. Hopefully below I will be able to make things a little clearer for you........ Black Tie Events With an invitation for an event that states Black Tie, the hosts...
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  3. Wedding outfit personalisation & Embroidery

    Wedding outfit personalisation & Embroidery

    Here at Anthony Formal Wear, When it comes to your wedding outfit nothing says one of a kind more then a personalised embroidery. Whether it is inside of your jacket or on the cuff of your shirt, there are many ways in which you can give your suit that extra edge. In fact why not even have it in your...
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  4. New for 2018 wedding suit hire.

    New for 2018 wedding suit hire.

    So its that time of year after the mad summer rush where we look to get ready for the coming year and update our wedding suit hire ranges. Today Jake is dusting off the studio to photograph the new ranges. During 2017 we added a royal blue slim fit tailcoat and a new Marcella dress shirt with studs to our...
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