I have spent a bit of time over the last month online, to say the least, and while seeing some fabulous suits at weddings some are appalling. I have really had to stop myself commenting on photos of real weddings as i don't want to offend people. Some mistakes can be caused by the bad sizing of hire suits or made to measure suits poorly tailored, yet others are down to a lot of guys being lazy when it comes to dressing themselves.
I cannot post pictures of real weddings here of course but here are a few good pointers for the day.

1 Do the top button up on your shirt. A gaping collar looks terrible in photos

2 Wear braces on the day. You want to keep your trousers nicely on your waist, this will stop your shirt showing between the waistband and a waistcoat if you are wearing one. The braces will also keep the trousers sitting perfectly on your shoes.

3 Ask how to tie your cravat of tie. If you are unsure ask in the shop cravats are best tied with a four in hand knot, your basic school tie. if wearing a tie i prefer a double Windsor, however if you're going for a smaller collar with a tab or tie pin then any basic symmetrical knot looks great.

4 Make sure your suit fits. Cuff showing, trousers not too long or short it is all important. Whether you are hiring, buying or having a suit made if you are unsure of the fit or feel uncomfortable in the suit then tell the person serving you. This is your big day and you need to look your best.

5 The shoes make the man. New shoes are great however if you do not all have new shoes make sure they are cleaned and polished. Dirty shoes can ruin an outfit.

6 Feel great in what you wear. You must not feel self-conscious on the day be comfortable with your choice of suit and accessories, some guys can wear pale blue suits some can't, do not be lead into something you may regret.