Here at Anthony formal wear we are finding that a lot of our wedding parties are choosing to have dinner suit weddings. Therefore a number of our Grooms want something that little bit more special than the classic black dinner suit to make themselves stand out. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the classic black tuxedo or dinner suit. Its smart, its elegant, its timeless and it looks like your entering a room full of James Bonds! So how do you make yourself different? How can you outshine a room of James Bond types? Well we've found an ever increasing way of doing this is to have a custom made or made-to-measure velvet wedding suit.

The perfect custom velvet wedding suit

What does it mean to have a a custom made suit? You can create your suit by choosing your cloth, style, design, lining, trimmings and fit for your unique outfit.

How does it work? You will be asked to try on a 'sample' suit and then there are 8 points which can be altered within the suit pattern at time of the production. From the chest and waist of the jacket to the width of the trouser.

A custom made suit is a more scaled back version of our made-to-measure suit collection. Having a custom made suit can offer you a lot of choice when designing the perfect suit for your special occasion. Choose from a selection of over 120 cloths, select your lining, melton, buttonhole colour and buttons.

Prices for a custom made suit start from £445.00 for a 2 piece and £535.00 for a 3 piece. Custom made wedding suits normally take approximately 8-12 weeks to come into us. This may vary at certain times of the year. Once your suit arrives we will contact you to arrange to have your first fitting. If there are any further alterations or adjustments needed they can be done for you within 48 hours.

Made-to-measure suits

Having a made-to-measure suit for your wedding can help you achieve that wow factor. You know the weird comment that your Bride made about knowing her dress was 'the one' well having a made-to-measure suit can give you the same feeling. To know that your suit will make you look and feel the best dressed you've ever felt. The expression 'like a million dollars' is a saying we hear a lot from our MTM customers.

With a made-to-measure suit you can design your own suit. If you get stuck for ideas or aren't sure what would work for you or how to achieve the look you're after that's where our specialists come in to their own. They will help guide you through the whole process. From your initial appointment through to your final fitting. Listening to your requirements and making them a reality is what they're best at!

Prices for a made-to-measure suit start from £695.00 for a 2 piece and £895.00 for a 3 piece. Don't forget we will also do a 10% discount on your hire suits if you are having a MTM one. If you would like further information on made-to-measure suits please contact either Iain or Jake at our Billericay shop 01277 651140 or Kevin at our Colchester shop 01206 571171.

Classic black velvet

The black velvet dinner suit can been worn by anyone of any age. It is a timeless 'go to' for evening wear. Even Prince William wore his at least twice in 2020 alone.

Some of our made-to-measure customers in their black velvet suits.

& now for something completely different...

I think when it comes to different no one summed it up better than Daniel Craig at the Premiere of No Time To Die, his last outing as Bond. Who would have expected this? The ultimate character to which we all associate the classic black dinner suit to wear a vibrant pink velvet suit! But as always Craig/Bond looked amazing.

You don't have to go to the extreme of Daniel Craig in his pink velvet. We can offer more subtle ways such as a dark green, burgundy, royal blue or even a camouflage velvet.

Below are some of our made to measure velvet dinner suit Grooms on their wedding day.

If you would like either a custom made or full made to measure appointment please call us. You can reach us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.