So your getting married. Everything is sorted but you still have not got yourself a wedding suit to wear. I use the term wedding suit. As you really don't want to look like you have just thrown on your business suit for your big day!

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing what to wear for your wedding. The style of your wedding, the time of year and cost all play a big part in the final decision. One big thing to consider is how you feel in the suit. You should feel both comfortable with the fit and with the style you're wearing for your wedding day.

Tailcoats – the traditional wedding suit choice.

The classic tailcoat is ideal for a church or formal location. It never dates, and, contrary to popular belief it flatters all body shapes. From classic black tails, grey waistcoat and striped trousers to a royal blue morning suit with Prince of Wales trousers and waistcoat there are lots of options to choose from.

To hire, our tailcoats come in black light weight wool, navy light weight wool, royal blue mohair, light grey wool and classic charcoal grey herringbone. All of which are available with matching, striped, dog tooth or Prince of Wales slim fit trousers.

We also offer a made to measure service to allow you to design your perfect tailcoat.

Lounge suit – the contemporary wedding suit.

The contemporary slim fit lounge suit is the perfect choice. It captures both the elegance of a traditional wedding suit, but, has a more relaxed modern feel to your outfit.

In our hire wear we stock slim fit lounge suits. They are available in navy, black and grey. There are many different fabrics with in those colours. From light weight wool, classic herringbone, luxurious Barberis and mohair. All of which are available with matching or contrast stripe, Prince of Wales and dog tooth design trousers. These are all available in a slim fit, but cut proportionately in fit larger men and children.

We also offer a made to measure service to allow you to design your perfect suit.

Tweed – on trend wedding suit option. 

Tweed is extremely fashionable for vintage weddings both as a full suit or just accessories under a lounge suit. We have two English tweeds available to hire in brown and green. Both are made from a traditional tweed woven in Yorkshire and tailored into a slim fit suit.

Alongside the tweed we have a light weight lambs wool. The lambs wool tweed is available in grey, blue, navy and burgundy. Again, woven in Yorkshire but cut in a little more of a contemporary style.

We also carry a selection of tweed and lambs wool waistcoats, ties and bow ties to compliment our lounge suits.

Within our made-to-measure collection we can offer an extensive collection of lambs wool plus both Harris and English tweed. Why not let us help you design a unique tweed wedding suit for your big day.

Dinner suit – the sophisticated wedding suit 

The sleek look of James Bond in the films has been one that recently lots of our grooms have embraced. From the classic slim fit peak or shawl collar in black. Why not make a statement in white? Or modern royal blue dinner suits, there's a hire dinner suit to suit everyone. A dinner suit will always be smart and timeless capturing a look that is shaken and not stirred!

Why not complete your dinner suit with a waistcoat, bow tie, pocket watch and patent shoes.

Can't find what you're looking for in our hire collection? Why not design your own evening suit with the assistance & guidance of our custom or full made-to-measure team.

Made to measure - design your wedding wedding suit

So the hire suits look great, and although perfect you just fancy something more. Something unique. Something that you helped design. Plus it's fitted especially for you on your wedding day incorporating your own individual personality, taste and character. Then look no further than our specialist made-to-measure team. They are here to help, advise and assist you through all the different aspects of your perfect suit. The team can help you select your own limited edition cloth. Advising on linings and button choice. As well as select the perfect the cut of trousers, jacket design and lapel options. Their guidance really is second to none.