Wedding suits...the fact that your asking yourself the question "when should we book our wedding suits" means that you are ready to book them. Majority of Brides buy their dresses 12 months in advance of the wedding. Lets be honest though, most men aren't so well organised. As a rule most men start looking November through to March for the wedding suit hire for their summer weddings.

Do I need an appointment to book my wedding suits?

If you are thinking of coming to either of our shops, you will need to book an appointment. Please contact us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571151. We maybe able to accommodate some walk in appointments but cannot guarantee this service during busy periods and may have to book you an appointment for another day.

What type of appointment do I need?

When you book an appointment we will ask if you require a hire, sizing, ready to wear, custom made or made-to-measure suit appointment. We require this to ensure your appointment is with the correct member of staff for your requirement. If you book a hire appointment and actually require a made-to-measure appointment or decide whilst in store that you don't want a hire suit and require a custom made or made-to-measure suit we may have to book you in for a different date. As there are only a couple of specialists that deal with custom & MTM suits.

Who should I bring to my first appointment?

We normally suggest that on your first appointment just the Bride & Groom attend. If your Bride does not want to see your wedding suit before the big day then maybe your Bestman instead. This way you can have control over what you would like to wear on your wedding day rather than what everyone else would like you to wear!

What if I know exactly the kind of wedding suit I would like to wear?

We do have some Grooms that come into store with either pictures from our website or photos of celebrities in outfits they'd like to recreate. This is always helpful and it's great that you have researched into the type of styling and look you want to create for your wedding suit. Let us try and find the wedding suit that is perfect for you.

What if I don't know what wedding suits to select?

Often, Grooms aren't really sure of what they want when they come in for the first time. With the guidance of experienced staff, that are all here to assist and advise you, we can lead you through all the variations of wedding hire suits. As we own our own stock in house you are able to try on various combinations of outfits until we find the right one for your wedding. All our appointments are open ended. So there is no rush to do this within a restricted time. Selecting your wedding suit is far to an important choice to be hurried. Also as we run one of the largest hire collections in the country, we wouldn't want you to miss anything.

Once you have found the perfect wedding suit for you we then can make suggestions of how to help you stand out from the rest of your wedding party. From changing ties and waistcoats or just adding the finishing touches just for the Groom. These little finishing touches can all look effective thus ensuring you stand out from your groomsmen.

When should the rest of the wedding party come in for sizings?

We would like to see the rest of your wedding party at least 12 weeks (3 months) before the wedding. That way should we need to order certain items we have plenty of time to get them made for you. Some Grooms like to arrange a group appointment (there is a pub opposite!). Others just let their groomsmen make their own appointments and come in at their leisure. We can work either way.

One of our wedding party lives abroad and won't be in the country until the week of the wedding!

With the way of the World these days we often find that we have Brides and Grooms that have family or friends that do not live locally. This is not a problem for us. Should they come to visit before the wedding then great, bring them in, and we will size them for you. If this is not possible, then we would ask you to provide measurements for us. We can then put a suit together ready for when they arrive for your wedding. As we own our own stock if you need to change sizes when they arrive it is not a problem. Obviously if we never get to see them & only sizes are provided we cannot guarantee they will be correct.

Boys wedding suits hire

Everything we run in our adult wedding hire suits we also run exactly the same in our boys collection. Our range start from a 18" waist trouser and a 20" jacket, which is approximately from 2 years old.

With boys suits, we ask for them to be brought in to be sized 8 weeks before the wedding. This is to eliminate as much of the growing process as possible.

Can't find what your looking for in our hire collection?

Sometimes Grooms just can't find what they want. They just want something more. More fitted, more personal, more about them and their personality. In theses instances we are able to offer a either a custom made or full made-to-measure service for these specialist one of a kind wedding suits. We also offer pageboys made-to-measure suits to match perfectly with the Grooms MTM suit.

If you are looking for a custom or made-to-measure suit then you would need to call us to arrange a appointment with one of our specialist custom or made-to-measure members of staff. Both of these processes take 12 weeks (3 months) so please ensure that you give yourself plenty of time. These time periods can be longer during peak season.

An overview of our hire range is available here.