Wedding waistcoats are available in so may different designs and shapes these days it can get a bit confusing. Hopefully below we have given you the basic design options. Along with a brief description, which may assist you when trying to find your perfect wedding waistcoat.

Classic single breasted (SB) waistcoat

The quintessential wedding waistcoat, the style that works on everyone from Elton John & Robbie Williams at Prince Harry's wedding under a traditional tailcoat to Gareth Southgate at the World Cup under a slim fit lounge suit. Finish this look off with a pocket watch and you will look like a traditional English gent, elegant, ageless and pure class!


This design and shape works well on all figures, sizes and ages.

The ideal and traditional style waistcoat to be worn with a tailcoat.

Cravats, bow ties and ties can all be worn and all look great with this waistcoat.

Classic double breasted (DB) waistcoat

The classic double breasted (DB) wedding waistcoat is a traditional alternative to the classic single breasted. This waistcoat design, when worn by David Beckham at Prince Harry's wedding, brought the DB waistcoat back into fashion, whilst still keeping that traditional element. This design shape comes with a lapel and crosses over, doubling the amount of cloth at the front. Which is where it gets its name from.


Often favoured by Grooms for themselves on their wedding day. Then by putting the rest of the wedding party in an alternate style makes the Groom stand out. But still retains that smart, traditional look across all of the the wedding party and Ushers.

This design and shape can be worn with cravats, bow ties and ties.

Scoop waistcoat

The scoop waistcoat has proved to be extremely popular in the last few years as a modern alternative to the classic waistcoat styles. This design works well under a slim fit lounge suit. It is extremely popular as evening wear under a dinner suit too. Often worn by Dermot O'Leary and Declan Donnelly, the low cut, curved neckline design shows off more of your shirt and tie combination.


The low cut neckline lifts the darkness of a dark men's suit due to the deep curve cut which shows off more of your white shirt.

It looks great when worn with ties slides and pocket watches. An ideal way to showcase your tie or bow tie.

Collarless double breasted (CDB) waistcoat

The modern updated version of the classic wedding waistcoat collared DB. With its more simple uncluttered neckline it keeps the look clean and sharp. This versatile wedding waistcoat can be worn with any style of suit from tailcoats to slim fit lounge suits or dinner suits. It is often seen adorning Declan Donnelly it was also the choice for his wedding day.


Can be worn with any suit style and works well across all generations and sizes.

This design and shape can be worn with a cravat, bow tie or tie.

Modern, elegant and chic but with a vintage twist due to it's double breasted style.

Looks great with a pocket watch.

Scollop waistcoat


A style that will suit all ages and shapes.

This design works well under both tailcoats and slim fit lounge suits.

Due to it's versatile style, it is suitable to be worn with a cravat, bow tie or tie.

Scoop double breasted (SDB) waistcoat

The newest design to be added to our range is the new SDB stye. This waistcoat is a combination of both the CDB and the scoop styles. Slightly higher cut than the CDB, but, with the soft curved neckline of the scoop. This one is proving to be a hit with our Grooms and wedding parties.


The elegant curved neckline is perfect for allowing the tie, cravat or bow tie to make a statement.

Tie slides, tie tacks & pocket watches work well with this wedding waistcoat design.

Sits perfectly under both tailcoats and slim fit lounge suits.

All of our waistcoats are available in store to try with our hire suits. Alternatively you can purchase them through our retail website.

Here at Anthony's can also make bespoke waistcoats from an extensive range of cloths. These include a stunning range of English tweed, Harris tweed, Italian cashmere, jaquards, lambs wool and wool.

If you are thinking of having a made-to-measure suit or waistcoat then please contact our made-to-measure team to arrange an appointment to come and discuss your requirements. They are always on hand to give you advise and assist you through the design process. If you would like to arrange an appointment please contact either of our shops. Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.