We no longer put ourselves forward for awards and ask not to be included when we are nominated. We feel that most awards do not reflect the true nature of the industry and choose to no longer take part.

Bridal Buyer Awards:

Best Menswear Retailer 2004 Winner

Best Formal Menswear Designer 2005 Winner

Best Groomswear Manufacturer 2006 Winner

Best Groomswear Manufacturer 2007 Winner

Best Groomswear Manufacturer 2008 Winner

Best Groomswear Manufacturer/Supplier 2010 Winner

Best Groomswear Retailer 2011 Winner

Best Groomswear Manufacturer/Supplier 2011 Finalist

Best Groomswear Retailer 2012 Finalist

National Awards:

Hire Shop Of The Year 2002 Winner

Mahogany Wedding Awards:

Menswear Company Of The Year 2002 Winner

Menswear Designer Of The Year 2002 Winner

Business Of The Year 2002 Winner

Menswear Designer Of The Year 2004 Winner

Retailer Of The Year 2004 Finalist

Local Awards:

Retail Business For Colchester Area 2002 Winner

Small Company Customer Service For Basildon Area 2002 Winner

Customer Service For Essex County 2003 Winner

Growing Business of The Year For Southend Area 2003 Winner

Magazine Awards:

Wedding Ideas Magazine finalist 2013

Wedding Ideas Magazine finalist 2014

Wedding Show Awards:

Strictly Formal Best Stand 2001 Winner

The UK Wedding Shows Outstanding Exhibitor 2013 Winner