Wearing a tweed suit has become very popular in recent years. We have found lots of our customers requesting tweed suits and tweed accessories. I think this may be down to the fact that there are so many new wedding venues that aren't the traditional fairy tale castles and hotels. They have a more relaxed feeling to them. From weddings held on farms, in barn conversions, woodlands to more outside rustic settings. Although the traditional venues will always be popular couples seem to be choosing more of a relaxed theme to their weddings now a days. Therefore they are asking for a smart wedding suit but with a more relaxed feel to it.

Lambs wool tweed suit to hire

A lambs wool tweed is a great alternative to full on English tweed. Its lighter in weight and so is a lot cooler to wear. Within our hire collection we offer a soft light grey, opulent burgundy, airforce blue and a rich deep navy. We have found a lot of our Grooms opt for the lambs wool and the just have lambs wool waistcoats or waistcoats and ties under our lounge suits for their Ushers. This way the Groom stands out and the Ushers but all link with the Groom via their accessories. Alternatively you could do as Mr Clark did. He chose to have a made-to-measure window pane check tweed suit & put his Grooms men in to our airforce blue lambs wool.

Some of our customers in lambs wool tweed suits to hire

Mr Crocker was one of our Grooms who chose to have a made-to-measure navy lambs wool suit. The navy tweed suit originally was our most popular made-to-measure suit, so we thought we would put it in to our hire collection. It has proved to be a really popular choice for our hire tweed suit customers.

Classic English tweed suit

We also offer within the hire collection, the classic English tweed suit. In our hire range we run a brown with a very subtle burnt orange check and a classic British racing green with a gold window pane check. Both suits can be worn with matching waistcoats. Within our hire collection we offer classic 5 button single breasted, double breasted and 3 button low cut single breasted styles.

Customers in our English hire tweed suits

A touch of tweed

If a full tweed suit is simply to much for you why not opt for just having your waistcoat make the 'tweed' statement? Tweed accessories can change the look of a complete outfit. Having your waistcoat in tweed and your Ushers matching their suits is a great way of standing out from your entourage. Alternatively just change the tie colour as Mr Barker did. Or just get married in matching outfits as our Grooms Adam and Wayne chose to do. Why not mix it up with a check suit and tweed accessories as Mr Toohey did.

Ready to wear tweed suit

Ready to wear suit are a new addition for the 2023/2024 wedding suit season. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer ready to wear suits. These carefully selected suits works along side our hire suits, custom made suits and made-to-measure suits. Ideal for those customers who require a suit with a short notice period for an event.

For more details please read our 'ready to wear' blog.

Customers in their ready to wear tweed suits

Made-to-measure tweed suit

Above are some of our Grooms wearing their made-to-measure tweed suits for their weddings. Our made-to-measure team worked closely with these Grooms to create the perfect suit for their weddings. Some of our customers have a really good idea on the type of look they want to achieve. Mr Dean is a great example of that. Others have no idea and need more help and guidance. Mr Barrett's story is typical example of this. But that's what the made-to-measure team are there for.

What makes a made-to-measure suit special?

With our made-to-measure suits you have full control over every aspect of your suit. The joy of a made-to-measure suit is that there are many more fit options are available for us to use to ensure your suit contours to your body perfectly. The options available are much more intricate, precise and detailed than you can reach on a custom made suit.

From the width of your lapel, the angle of your jacket and trouser pockets to the length of your vents. You can chose from an extensive range of lining colours and designs. I believe we can offer over 1000 different fabrics! Have your suit personalised on your melton and inside lining with your name, initials, wedding date or something a more risque! down to the hand stitching on the buttonholes. With our made-to-measure suits the choice is yours, but don't panic our made-to-measure suit specialists are here to help. Our specialists will guide you through the entire process and help you achieve the look you want. The full made to measure process normally takes approximately 12 weeks from start to finish. It can take longer at busier times of the year.

For more details read our 'made-to-measure suit' blog.

To book an appointment to discuss your requirements please call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.