Looking for a black dinner suit for your wedding or Red Carpet event, then look no further. Here at Anthony Formal wear we can cover your black dinner suit requirements in several different ways.

Black dinner suit to hire

In the hire wear black dinner suit collection we offer both a peak lapel DJ and a shawl collar DJ. The peak style being the more traditional style of evening suit and the shawl collar being the more modern version. Which style of jacket you choose is down to personal preference. This is perfectly shown if you read any press coverage of the Awards Ceremonies. With the celebrities all opting for something different.

Ready to wear black dinner suits

Ready to wear suits are the newest addition to our collections. Although the suits are not available on the spot, they can delivered to us within in a few days. The evening suit range consists of one style of dinner suit in a black or dark midnight blue shadow check cloth.

Custom made dinner suits

Dinner suit weddings have become more popular over the last few years. But how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Opting for a custom made suit could be the solution. You can create your suit by choosing your cloth, style, design, lining, trimmings and fit for your unique outfit. For more detailed information please read our Custom made suit blog.

Full made-to-measure evening wear

For the ultimate in luxury wedding or Red Carpet event suit then our made-to-measure collection is the one for you. With a made-to-measure suit you can design everything. From the lining of your suit to the size of its lapels. The colour and texture of the fabric, along with the type of its buttons and the colour of the stitching. To complete the most amazing suit you’ll ever own we offer personalised embroidery. Your embroidery can be on the inside lining and also under the jacket melton. For more detailed information then read our made-to-measure suit blog.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss your black dinner suit options further please contact us. Alternatively if you would like to book an appointment please call us on Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.