Looking for a coloured wedding suit? A true statement suit? After all not every Groom wants to conform to convention with their wedding suit choice.

I’m thrilled to showcase some of our Anthony customers who collaborated with our made-to-measure specialists to craft their truly unique coloured wedding suits. Each wedding suit tells a personal story, reflecting each Grooms individual style and preferences.

In addition, I’ve curated a selection of sample wedding suits to spark inspiration in creating your own one-of-a-kind coloured wedding suit. Whether you're envisioning a classic ensemble with a modern twist or a bold statement piece, our made-to-measure team is here to bring your vision to life.

If you're seeking assistance in designing your perfect wedding suit, don't hesitate to call the team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dedicated made-to-measure specialists. Let's make your wedding day suit as exceptional and special as your wedding day.

Destination coloured suits

For Gary's picturesque wedding in Mauritius, he envisioned a green lightweight suit that exuded both sophistication and beach side charm. Our made-to-measure team flawlessly brought his vision to life. The result? A stunning ensemble that not only looked smart and elegant. It also perfectly complemented the coastal ambiance of his special day.

As you can see, the chosen shade of green accentuated the natural beauty of the surroundings. Creating unforgettable moments as Gary and his new bride strolled hand in hand between the palm trees following their ceremony. It's weddings like these that inspire us to design unique and memorable wedding suits. Each tailored to an individual Grooms coloured wedding suit dreams.

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking Caribbean backdrop. Mr. Blackmore chose a soft aqua suit for his beach wedding, and the result was nothing short of perfection. The tranquil hue harmonized effortlessly with the sun-kissed backdrop. Therefore creating a stylish coloured wedding suit that captured the essence of the seaside celebration.

Mr Blackmore's coloured wedding suit not only complemented the natural beauty of the beach but also reflected his personal style. It's a testament to the versatility and charm of a made to measure wedding suit. Tailored to suit both the individual Groom and the unique setting of his special day.

Made-to-measure shorts

For his destination wedding, Mr. Montgomery embraced a unique approach to wedding attire. Opting for green made-to-measure shorts for himself and his groomsmen. He didn’t want a traditional full wedding suit. Although, he still wanted a smart and sleek look that still captured the essence of the occasion. Collaborating closely with our made-to-measure specialists, they devised the concept of tailored shorts. Perfectly marrying style with comfort for the sunny celebration.

While this unconventional choice may not appeal to everyone. There's no denying the undeniable charm and confidence exuded by Mr. Montgomery and his groomsmen. Their coordinated ensembles not only reflected their individuality but also embodied the spirit of adventure of a destination wedding. It's wedding's like these that remind us of the endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect Grooms outfit to suit every couple's unique vision.

Steam punk coloured wedding suit

At Anthony Formal Wear, we celebrate diversity and welcome Grooms who dare to think outside the box. We understand that everyone has their own unique perspective, and we thrive on catering to those individual visions.

One such memorable occasion took place at the Norwich Puppet Theatre, a venue that sparked creativity and innovation. The entertainment, Gaming4Weddings, added a twist to the festivities, reflecting the couple's unconventional style.

Navigating the Bride and Groom's vegan requirements presented a new and exciting challenge. Despite the limitations in materials for their made-to-measure coloured wedding suit. The couple and our team collaborated to find a solution. Together, they discovered a suitable purple cotton fabric that met their ethical standards.

This remarkable collaboration showcases our commitment to fulfilling our Grooms requirements and exceeding their expectations. No matter how unique or unconventional. Our made to measure team thrive on turning extraordinary ideas into unforgettable realities.

We would like to thank Kim Williams Weddings for these amazing photos.

Green wedding suit with a heritage connection

One of our esteemed grooms, James, had his wedding featured on Rock My Wedding. He certainly made a statement with his made-to-measure green coloured wedding suit. In a beautiful tribute to the Bride's Scottish heritage, James opted for a striking green wedding suit. He perfectly complemented his suit with Harris Tweed double-breasted waistcoat. Their wedding took place at the majestic Brentwood Cathedral. Setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests continued the festivities at The Gardens Yalding. A picturesque venue that provided the perfect backdrop for their reception. Their day was captured beautifully by Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography.

Orange wedding suit

We take great pride in creating suits that are truly unforgettable. Oli's coloured wedding suit is one that will be cherished for years to come!

Oli opted for a one-of-a-kind orange lambs wool tweed coloured wedding suit. Made to measure and tailored to perfection for his special day. To complement his bold choice, his groomsmen were outfitted in our ready-to-wear stone and green tweed suits. They completed their suits with matching orange bow ties.

Against the stunning backdrop of Bruisyard Hall & Barn, their wedding unfolded with elegance and rustic charm. Joseph Kinerman Photography skillfully immortalized every moment.

Perfect tartan coloured wedding suit

Chris Barrett's quest for a distinctive wedding suit with a touch of Scotland led him to our doorstep. While he harbored a desire for uniqueness, he found himself at a loss for where to begin. Fortunately, our made-to-measure specialist, Iain, was more than equipped to infuse his look with Chris's flamboyant flair.

With Iain's guidance, Chris fell in love with Iain's concept. A plain English lambswool jacket and matching waistcoat. Perfectly paired with lightweight pure wool tartan trews. The result was a striking coloured wedding suit that seamlessly blended traditional elements with modern sophistication. This suit embodied Chris's vision for his special day.

What made this experience even more memorable was that Chris's bride remained in the dark about his suit choice. He kept the secret until the wedding suit reveal on the day of the ceremony. The anticipation and excitement surrounding this reveal added an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting celebration.
Their wedding was held at The Ghillie Dhu Hotel in Edinburgh.

Mixing it up a bit...

Ronnie's coloured wedding suit choice is truly exceptional. Opting for a selection of ice cream coloured wedding suits. Not only for himself but for his entire wedding party. Adding a delightful originality to the wedding day.

The decision to have everyone dressed in the same suit style. A classic double-breasted style. Brings a sense of uniformity and tradition to the suits. Matching two-tone shoes and crisp white open-neck shirts further enhance the look.

What truly sets this wedding look apart is the use of strong, bright pastel coloured wedding suits. Distinguishing each member of the wedding party. Not only does this add a pop of colour and individuality. It also ensures that everyone stands out in their own unique way while maintaining a cohesive overall appearance.

Inspired by a celebrity coloured wedding suit

Overall, this creative approach to wedding attire exemplifies Cal's bold and innovative spirit. Resulting in a truly unforgettable and one-of-a-kind coloured wedding suits look.

Embracing absolute uniqueness requires courage and conviction. Qualities exemplified by one remarkable Groom, Cal, who approached us with a clear vision. Inspired by a suit worn by Mick Jagger for his daughter’s wedding, Cal knew precisely what he wanted. A flawless replica of that iconic coloured wedding suit to wear on his wedding day.

With his mind set and determination unwavering, Cal sought out the perfect collaborator to bring his dream suit to life. Enter Iain from our made-to-measure team. Iain’s expertise and passion for wedding suits matched the Groom's hunt for the perfect coloured wedding suit.

Together, they embarked on a journey to transform this singular vision into reality. Cal went as far as sourcing his own cloth to ensure every detail aligned with his vision. Through meticulous discussions. Creative brainstorming sessions, and tireless dedication, they meticulously crafted a standalone, modern, one-of-a-kind replica dream coloured wedding suit.

Coloured wedding suit inspiration

I hope I've inspired you to embrace the confidence to choose a coloured wedding suit for your special day. While I understand it might not be the right choice for everyone. If you are drawn to the idea of making a bold statement with your wedding suit. Then I encourage you to take that leap of faith.

Our made-to-measure specialists are poised and ready to bring your unique Groom's coloured wedding suit vision to life. Whether you're envisioning a vibrant hue, a subtle pastel, or a daring pattern, our team is here to collaborate with you every step of the way.

Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment. Let's embark on this exciting journey together. Our made to measure suit team is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to design your unforgettable unique wedding suit.

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