Destination weddings are indeed becoming increasingly popular, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows in a stunning and exotic location. Whether it's the allure of warm weather, the sandy beaches, or the desire to revisit a sentimental or meaningful place. A destination wedding provide a perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.

We've had the privilege of outfitting Grooms for destination weddings in various breathtaking locations around the world. From rain in Ireland to the picturesque beaches of the Caribbean and Mauritius, our suits have graced countless destination weddings.

Planning a beach side ceremony or a charming city celebration, our suits offer versatile options to suit every destination. We'll ensure that you look and feel your best as you exchange vows in paradise.

Below are just a few examples of the many couples who have chosen to say "I do" in beautiful destinations. Showcasing the versatility and elegance of our suits

Hire destination wedding suits

While light coloured suits are often associated with beach weddings abroad. Dark coloured suits can make just as much of an impact and look equally sophisticated in such settings. Our hire suits in classic navy lounge suits, steel blue suits, or even royal blue dinner suits all exude elegance and style. Whether you're exchanging vows on a sandy beach or in a city setting.

The contrast of a dark coloured suit against a destination backdrop can create a striking visual effect. Dark coloured suits are versatile and timeless. Making them a popular choice for Grooms who want to make a statement while still looking polished and stylish.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you choose a wedding suit that reflects your personal style. A wedding suit that makes you feel your best on your wedding day. Whether you opt for a light colour or a classic dark colour suit. Rest assured that you'll look and feel like the dashing Groom you are as you say "I do" in paradise.

Made-to-measure dinner suits

A dinner suit exudes timeless elegance no matter where in the world you are. Making them a perfect destination wedding suit. Here are some of our distinguished made-to-measure Grooms showcasing their dinner suits at their destination weddings. From Mr. Deeks looking dapper in his cream dinner suit in the sun. To Kez rocking the beach in gunmetal grey. Even Mr. Willmott embracing the sophisticated look in the rain in Ireland. Proving that a dinner suit provides versatility and sophistication in any setting.

These photos beautifully capture the essence of a wedding dinner suit's elegance and refinement. Showcasing how it effortlessly elevates the Groom's style for their special day, no matter the location. Whether exchanging vows on a sunny beach or against a picturesque backdrop. A wedding dinner suit remains the epitome of sophistication and style.

At Anthony Formal Wear, we take pride in providing made-to-measure wedding suits that perfectly complements each Grooms unique vision. Ensuring that they stand out and make a memorable statement on their wedding day. Wherever in the world they may be.

Blue made-to-measure lounge suits

Blue, in all its shades, remains the top choice for Grooms when it comes to wedding suits. Whether it's the soft sky blue, delicate powder blue, vibrant royal blue, or classic navy. Blue suits offer a versatile and stylish option for weddings of all themes and settings.

With our full made-to-measure suit service, Grooms have the flexibility to design their own suit. Not only choosing the colour but also customize various other aspects to suit their preferences. This includes selecting the weight of the fabric. Ensuring that even in the heat of the sun, they remain cool, calm, and collected on their wedding day.

Using our made-to-measure service allows us to create bespoke suits that fit impeccably and make a lasting impression. So whether you're exchanging vows under the bright blue sky or against the backdrop of the sea. You can rest assure that your made-to-measure suit will be tailored to perfection.

Something a bit different for you destination wedding?

It's always a pleasure to hear about the wonderful experiences our Grooms have had with our made-to-measure team. Each of these Grooms had a specific vision for their wedding suit. Our MTM team went above and beyond to ensure their destination wedding suit visions were brought to life.

Mr Barrett

Mr. Barrett's request for a statement suit with a touch of Scotland, without opting for a kilt. This was for his destination wedding in Scotland and was a unique challenge. Iain from our Billericay store invested a significant amount of time discussing various ideas and suggestions with Mr. Barrett. Ultimately crafting the perfect wedding suit that captured his individual style and incorporated elements of Scotland.


Gary's choice of a green lightweight suit for his beach wedding in Mauritius was perfect. Demonstrating the versatility and elegance of our made-to-measure service. The suit not only looked smart and sophisticated but also blended seamlessly with the beach setting.  Evidenced by the stunning photos of him and his bride walking between the palm trees after their ceremony.

Mr Norton

Similarly, Mr. Norton's selection of a beige wedding suit for his beach wedding was a thoughtful decision. It harmonized beautifully with the pebble beach surroundings.

Mr Blackmore

Mr. Blackmore's decided to opt for an aqua-coloured destination wedding suit. This was for his beach ceremony in the Caribbean & really showcased his adventurous style. Coordinating with his best man's trousers added a touch of unity and sophistication to their wedding party's attire.

Overall, these stories highlight the personalized attention and dedication of our made-to-measure team. Ensuring that each Groom receives a wedding suit that not only reflects their unique style but also complements the destination and theme of their wedding flawlessly.

Made-to-measure shorts

Mr. Montgomery's choice for his wedding in the Caribbean is as refreshing as the ocean breeze itself! Opting for green made-to-measure shorts for himself and his groomsmen. It was a bold and stylish decision that perfectly suits the tropical setting.

Set against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and swaying palm trees. Mr. Montgomery and his groomsmen undoubtedly stood out in their stylish attire. The combination of tailored shorts, classic white shirts, and casual footwear creates a chic and effortlessly cool look. It worked perfectly under the Caribbean sun.

The Groom and his groomsmen truly embraced the spirit of their destination wedding with their fashion-forward and coordinated attire. Making for a truly unique and memorable celebration in paradise.

If you would like an appointment to discuss your perfect made-to-measure destination wedding suit please call us. In our Billericay shop 01277 651140 & ask for Iain or Jake. Alternatively in our Colchester shop 01206 571171 with Kevin.