Santorini was the destination for Mr McDonalds wedding. Choosing a DB style wedding suit
Santorini was the destination for Mr McDonalds wedding. He designed a DB style made-to-measure suit for his wedding.

Having a made-to-measure suit offers you an unparalleled suit experience. It allows you to customize the fit, fabrics and finishing touches to build an adaptable look that truly represent you. These unique choices are discussed and decided upon during a one-to-one meeting with one of our made-to-measure specialists. Our made to measure specialists will guide you through the experience. From here, your unique creation will be made in just a few weeks, from the time you place your order to final delivery.

With a made-to-measure suit you can design everything. From the lining of your suit to the size of its lapels. The colour and texture of the fabric, along with the type of its buttons and the colour of the hand stitching.  To complete the most amazing suit you’ll ever own you can also add personalized embroidery. Your embroidery can be on the inside lining and also under the jacket melton.

Why choose a made-to-measure suit over a custom suit

The difference is that you’ll meet with a made-to-measure specialist to ensure the garment is made to your exact specifications, style and fit. The first appointment will consist of an in-depth discussion with the made-to-measure specialist to establish your requirements. They will then assist you with your fabric selection, help you to choose your personal options and, finally, take your measurements.

What really makes the difference between a made-to-measure suit and a custom suit is the intricate detailing and tailoring possible. A made-to-measure suit takes it a step further by considering finer details and offering more customization possibilities to ensure a precise and unique fit and style. In addition to the measurements, the made-to-measure suit specialist will also take into account more detailed information. These may include the slope of your shoulders, the arch of your back and your stance. You will be amazed how by making your lapel a centimeter wider or narrow can make all the difference.

What makes a made-to-measure suit so special

Designing your own suit means being asked to make some important decisions. Although this sounds daunting the MTM specialists will help and guide your through the process. They also have examples on site of many of the options to show you. To help I have listed some of the choices that you need to make.

Things to think about before you come in

  • Jacket style: The jacket style is possibly the most noticeable part of your suit. Weather it be single breasted or double breasted the choice is up to you. The collar style on your jacket needs to be considered too. Notch, peak or a shawl collar, we can show you the difference.
  • Colour: Again an extremely important choice. Are you thinking of a classic colour such as navy or grey or something completely different like green or a light beige colour.
  • Pattern or textured cloth: Have you though about having a check suit or a jacquard or velvet dinner suit.
  • Waistcoat: We have found that most of our Grooms like to wear a waistcoat under their wedding suit. Our waistcoats come in numerous style options. They can be the same as your suit colour or contrasting.
  • Suit and waistcoat linings: This is where you can be as traditional or non-traditional as you wish. A plain colour to match the wedding theme or a classic paisley or spot that will be timeless. Alternatively toucans, footballs, wine bottles, ice lollies are all possible along with may others.

Decisions that the specialists can assist you with


Your melton is a great way to bring colour into your suit in a very subtle way. Don't forget that the melton can have embroidery. Plus being in a discreet position it can say whatever you wish. Your names, wedding date, nick name or something a little risque.

Buttons and stitching

This option often depends on the fabric that you choose for your wedding suit. Coloured, covered and bone buttons to match or as a contrast can all create a different look. The colour of the stitching on your cuff button holes can be all the same or you can have a contrast colour on one or all of them. Maybe to match in with the bridesmaid colours.

Personalised embroidery on your made-to-measure suit

The inside embroidery of your jacket can be personalised in any colour stitching. The most popular embroidery being the date of your wedding along with your names or initials. But it can say almost anything you like.

Other things you will be asked

Do you like the angle of your jacket pockets? Do you want to have a button and loop fastening on your back trouser pocket? Would you like a ticket pocket? These questions will all be explained my the made-to-measure specialists along with examples of the options.

Pricing for a made to measure suit

The made-to-measure suit range prices can vary. This is due to the individual prices of the cloth, each cloth will vary in price. We normally quote prices from £695.00* for a 2 piece suit and £895.00* for a 3 piece suit. We have found that as most of our Grooms come to us advising us of their budget. The specialists will then help them find a made-to-measure suit that fits both their style and financial considerations.

*prices correct at the time of publishing this post but may be subject to change.


After the initial appointment, there are generally no further fittings until we have received your made-to-measure suit. At this point, we would contact you to arrange an appointment to come in for a fitting. Should any additional alterations be required at this point we would do these in house. These final alterations can be done within 24 hours.

Grooms in their MTM wedding suit