Selfridges is probably one of the most well known department stores in the UK. It's even had a successful TV show based around it. But, have you ever thought of it as your wedding venue? Well our own home town based Billericay couple Danny Sains and Carlene Noel did. They made history when choosing to be the first couple to get married at the Oxford Street store. Here at Anthony's we had the pleasure of supplying Danny's wedding suit.

Danny Sain wedding suit

For his wedding Danny Sain chose our black peak collared dinner suit from our hire evening wear range. This slim fitting evening suit is available in our hire range. We offer peak collared and shawl collared styles. He finished his look off with our Marcella dress stud shirt and large black 'batwing' bow tie.

Along with our hire collection we can offer a custom or full made-to-measure evening suit for your wedding.

Why Selfridges?

Carlene worked at Selfridges over 20 years ago, and has very strong happy memories of the Oxford Street store.

“I’ve always wanted our wedding to be special and unique. Danny and I agreed early on that it would be a very small affair with just the children and so finding a suitable venue, both great for a small wedding and out of the ordinary, had been a concern until I heard about Selfridges hosting weddings. I worked at Selfridges in London, nearly 20 years ago for a couple of very happy years, and have loved the store ever since, so it just felt like it was meant to be. We are over the moon to have been able to have had such a special ceremony at this iconic destination.”

The prestigious London store got their license to hold weddings in May 2021. Danny and Carlene were the first couple to get married there in September. Their wedding was just themselves and their children. Carlene's son Carnell aged 10. Along with Danny's two daughters Nancy, 12, and Lola, 13.

Selfridges wedding packages

For their wedding Danny and Carlene chose to have the 'Just-the-Two-of-Us' wedding package. This included a private tour of the famous store. Lunch at 'The Brasserie of Light' along with cocktail at their private screening, of 'Grease' in the Cinema at Selfridges.

Selfridges offer the Earth-Lovers package, a low impact ceremony. Plus their All out Extraordinary package, full of glitz and glamour.