By following these tips for Grooms, you can ensure you not only look your best but also feel confident and relaxed as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

Shirts..our tips for Grooms

Our shirts tips...Whether you have bought your shirt, or it comes as part of your hire package please ensure that it is ironed before your wedding day. Wrinkles and packaging creases can detract from your overall appearance. Keep the top button of your shirt done up throughout the entire wedding ceremony, especially during the exchange of vows and ring exchange. This ensures a clean and polished appearance in photos.

Braces...our tips on why

Top tips for braces...Formal hire suits do not come with belt loops. There is a reason for this. If you wear a belt under a waistcoat you will always get a 'bump' where the buckle is. Also, if you put your hands into your pockets, as most men do, your trousers will be pulled down. This would be the same if you wear a belt or not. Let's be honest we've all seen men get up from a bar or table and hoist their trousers back up.

By wearing braces you will have a smooth finish due to the elastic that goes over your shoulders. If you put your hands in your pockets the elasticated braces will stretch and move. Then once you remove your hands, the elastic will gently retract putting your trousers back to where they started! This will also ensure your trousers are at the correct length rather than looking too long. Genius! All braces fasten with a clip or button onto the front and back of your trousers. By wearing them you will also ensure that your shirt stays tucked in all day.

Ties and hand tied/self-tied cravats tips for Grooms

Tips for ties...Before your wedding day make sure that either you, your father or one of your Ushers know how to correctly tie a tie. Nothing looks worse in photographs than if your top button is showing or your tie looks crooked due to the incorrect knot being used. Classic ties should always be tied using a full or classic Windsor knot. This ensures that you achieve that perfect triangle shape at your collar. The tie then hangs totally straight rather than off to the side.

Tips for cravats...As a rule, self-tied cravats should be tied using a half Windsor knot. That's the same as the basic school tie knot (once around up and through). If you are unsure ask in store for some assistance and a quick lesson.

Don't forget that the Bride's father will not be with you and the 'boys' on your wedding morning. Ensure that he knows what he is doing rather than leaving him to fend for himself!

Pocket squares/ for Grooms

Tips for Grooms and their pocket squares...Pocket squares or handkerchief are a smart way of finishing off your outfit. They help link your accessories all together or can bring a splash of bridesmaids colour into you look. Just please, make sure you look into a mirror once your button hole is pinned on. If you have a double button hole or an extra large flower such as a Gerbera then sometimes the pocket square can look too much, if that's the case then just remove it. If your button hole is smaller and more delicate then the pocket square will be an elegant finishing touch. Remember that old saying 'less is more' this is a perfect time to put that saying into practice!

Shoes...just a couple of pointers...

Grooms shoes top tips...Before your wedding day ensure that whatever shoes you are going to be wearing are clean and polished. Dirty or scruffy shoes is one of the worst things to attract attention and ruin the elegant look of your entire outfit. Ensure you have worn them around the house to 'break' them in but still keep them in top condition. Grooms often forget that for most of the day you will be on your feet. Don't forget, that as the Groom, you will also be expected on the dance floor at some point. After all no one wants to be worrying about blisters on their big day!

A few more things to think about...

Grooming and Skincare: Prioritize skincare in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Ensure you have a fresh haircut, well-groomed facial hair, and clean nails.

Stay Hydrated and Rested: Drinking water and getting enough rest in the days leading up to the wedding will help you look and feel your best. Dehydration and lack of sleep can affect your appearance and energy levels.

Your speech: Practice your speech with a trusted friend or family member to ensure it's the right length and appropriate for the occasion. Prepare any notes or cue cards you need for your speech. Don't forget your glasses if you require them for reading.

Delegate Responsibilities: Assign specific tasks to trustworthy friends or family members to help you manage the details and logistics of the day. You can then focus on getting ready and enjoying the day.

Pay your vendors: Ensure that all your vendors have been paid, either in advance or on the day. Keep track of your payments and know where your wallet is if you need to settle payments on the spot.

Honeymoon suite: If you're staying overnight, make sure you know where your room key is. You don't want to be searching for it after a long day.

Ensure you have a copy of the schedule: Keep a copy of the wedding schedule so you know where you need to be at each moment. Consider asking your Bestman to help you stay on track.

The rings: Double-check that your Bestman has both your wedding rings in a secure place, ready for the ceremony.

A gift for the Bride: Sending a small, thoughtful gift and card to your partner on the morning of the wedding is a touching gesture that can make their day even more special.

Most importantly, smile and Enjoy the Moment: Finally, remember to smile and embrace the joy of the moment. Your happiness and enthusiasm will shine through in photos, and your positive energy will uplift everyone around you.

Just one more thing...

Whatever your choice of wedding outfit you must feel a million dollars when you put it on. You should be looking forward to parading in front of all your friends and family knowing this is the best dressed day of your life. For some Grooms it is a brightly coloured, textured or patterned show stopping outfit, for others, it is a simplistic and understated elegant suit. Whatever your choice just make sure it is your choice.