Looking for an unusual Grooms suit? Something a little more personal? After all not every Groom wants to conform to convention with their wedding suit choice. Here are some of our Anthony customers with their dare to be different take on Grooms wedding suits.

Subtle differences can make a big difference

If you want to try and be a little different with your Grooms suit that can easily be achieved. Subtle changes can make a huge difference to your look.

Dinner suits with red accessories
Dinner suits with red accessories

Having a hire suit but putting bold accessories underneath as this Groom has using red as his accent colour. The addition of custom made red satin waistcoats, ties and pocket squares whilst keeping his waistcoat matching his suit. Along with the red satin evening scarf has really made this traditional dark wedding suit look totally daring.

Made-to-measure dinner suit with a blackcurrant satin lapel & matching bow tie
Made-to-measure dinner suit with a blackcurrant satin lapel & matching bow tie

This Groom came in knowing almost exactly what he wanted. So the Groom worked along side our made-to-measure specialists. Between them they created this one of a kind grey slim fit dinner suit with a blackcurrant satin lapel and bow tie. This was his way of getting an unusual Grooms suit.

Tweed MTM jackets with matching plaid waistcoats - an Unusual Grooms suit

Looking for a more relaxed country wedding look? This Groom found a waistcoat cloth he liked. Then, with a little expert advise & knowledge from our specialists. He pulled the two main colours out in the tweed jackets for himself & his Bestman. This created his unusual Grooms suit.

Unusual Grooms suit in check cloths

With the addition of something like a check in your suit cloth you can make a dramatic statement piece. Yet still retaining an elegant look with a dark check, regardless of the check size.

On the other hand, a check suit can create a bold statement piece, A look that will really get you noticed. As with all made-to-measure suits the choice is down to you.

100% unusual Grooms suit in bold colours

As with all of life there are several people that think differently. They see the world from a different prospective to the rest of us. Here at Anthony formal wear we love to have Grooms that think outside the box. We have had some requests that have made us here think differently too.

Pastel suit colours can look amazing in the right setting...

Stronger statement colours work well too...

Mixing it up a bit...

I personally love this Grooms wedding suit choice. Having a selection of pastel/ice cream coloured suits for himself and all his wedding party. This came together to make a truly unique wedding look. All of the wedding party in the same suit style, double breasted. Everyone in matching 2 tone shoes and crisp white open neck shirts. Then using the strong bright pastel suits to mark out everyone.

Pastel wedding suits - an unusual Grooms suit choice but looked amazing!

Being 100% unique is something most of us don't have the guts to do. This Groom approached us with his mind 100% made up, he knew what his ultimate suit should look like. A replica of a suit worn by Mick Jagger for His daughters wedding. The suit was perfect in his head. He just had to find someone to work with to create his dream suit. After spending time discussing with our made-to-measure team he decided to source his own cloth and between him and us this stand alone one of a kind dream wedding suit was created...

A truly unique & unusual Grooms suit for your wedding

I hope after reading through this blog I have encouraged you to have the confidence to dare to be different. I know its not right for everyone. However, if you feel being daring is something you really want in your wedding suit. Then please contact us. Make an appointment with our made-to-measure specialists. They are eagerly waiting on their next 'Dare to be Different' Grooms suit look.