Custom made or made-to-measure, whats the difference?

Here at Anthony Formal Wear, we're often asked about the distinction between custom made suits and made-to-measure suits. Let us break it down for you. We proudly offer both custom suits and made-to-measure suits for weddings, giving you a range of options to suit your preferences. These choices complement our wedding hire suit collection, ensuring we can accommodate various needs.

Our collection features hire suits, custom made suits, and made-to-measure suits, all available in both of our stores. The Anthony Formal Wear ranges are crafted with quality in mind, manufactured in Germany and Holland to guarantee excellence throughout the process. Our accessory collection is proudly made in England, reflecting our commitment to fine details.

With over 50 years of experience in the wedding industry and three generations of expertise, we've become one of the leading wedding suit specialists in the UK. This legacy, combined with our dedication to offering tailored solutions, positions us as a trusted source for wedding attire.

Custom made suit

Anthony Formal Wear has teamed up with Etch tailoring to produce a custom made suit for your wedding. You can create your wedding suit by choosing your cloth, style, design, trimmings and fit for your unique outfit. Suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, and waistcoats are all available with the Etch experience.

The custom made range is a more scaled back version of our made-to-measure suit collection. It still offers you lots of choice when designing the perfect suit for your wedding day. Choose from a selection of over 120 cloths. From technical crease resistant and stretch blends to pure wool Italian and English thoroughbreds.

Once you have chosen you fabric then its time to choose your style and trimmings. Select from a range of linings, buttons and buttonholes, plus a few more personal little details.

From there its time for your sizing. With a custom made suit we work from a 'try on' suit. From there we are able to make adjustments to the suit silhouette. The adjustments possible within custom made suits include both the waist and length of the jacket and waistcoat. Along with the width and length of the trouser.

Custom made wedding suits normally take approximately 8-12 weeks to come into us. This may vary at certain times of the year. Once your suit arrives we would contact you to arrange to have your first fitting. Should any further alterations or adjustments be needed they can be done for you within 48 hours.

A 2 piece custom made suit starts at £445 and 3 piece starts from £535. You can complete your look with a custom made shirt. The total price of each suit or garment can only be given once you have made your full design choice.

Made-To-Measure suit

In our made-to-measure suit collection, we offer suits, wedding suit, formal wear, evening wear, shirts, trousers, coats, polo's, chino's, shorts and jeans, but we focus primarily on Grooms wedding suits, evening wear and occasion wear. New for 2023, boys made-to-measure suits to match the Groom.

Made-to-measure suits take personalization to another level, allowing Grooms to achieve a suit that fits their body contours perfectly and meets their specific style preferences. With made-to-measure suits, Grooms have complete control over every aspect of the suit's design, including fabric, style, lining, buttons, and more. This level of control ensures that the final product aligns perfectly with the Groom's vision.

A full made-to-measure suit provides a wide range of fit options that go beyond what's possible with custom-made suits. The options available for made-to-measure suits are more intricate and detailed compared to custom-made suits. This allows for finer adjustments in elements like collar shape, lapel width, button position, and pocket placement. The tailored fit of a made-to-measure suit not only enhances comfort but also creates a polished and elegant appearance that's unparalleled.

If you would like to discuss your MTM suit requirements or to make an appointment please contact our MTM team. You can call Billericay 01277 651140 & ask for Iain or Jake, alternatively Kevin in our Cochester shop on 01206 571171.