How do you make the Groom stand out from his Groomsmen? This is a question we are continually asked in our shop. There are plenty of ways to achieve this.

You can make the Groom stand out easily within our hire, custom made or full made-to-measure collections.

A few helpful ideas

The Groom could treat himself to a custom or made-to-measure suit in a different fabric. That way you could have the same style suit but with some additional and more personal finishing touches. There are many ways to achieve this within our custom or made-to-measure collection. Why not book an appointment with our custom or made-to-measure team to discuss your wedding suit design and ideas.

Using the same suit style for the entire wedding party and differentiating the Groom with a unique waistcoat is a popular and stylish choice. There are several ways this can be achieved. Why not book a hire appointment to try on and find the way that works for you.

Another idea is to wear a classic tie in a different color or pattern, this can add a touch of sophistication while maintaining a more subtle overall appearance. Or how about a bow tie just for the Groom. This can create a unique and stylish look that stands out too. It's all about finding the balance between expressing your personal style and fitting in with the theme of your wedding.

Sometimes just adding a bit of 'bling' with a tie clip or pocket watch may be the right way for you.

Every Groom is different, and what works for one does necessarily work for everyone. But fear not. All of our staff are here to help you figure out what's right for your wedding.

Below are a few ideas on how to make the Groom stand out on his special day. The suits in these photos have been sent in by our customers from their actual weddings.

Changing the tie colour

Our Grooms here are wearing suits from our hire collections. In all cases pictured here the Grooms kept the outfits the same and just changed the tie colour for the himself. Mr Barker went for our ink suit and blue snake waistcoat with a navy tie and the rest of his party a dusky pink tie to match the bridesmaid dresses. Mr Dickens selected our royal blue lounge suit and Ascot grey scoop waistcoat with a navy tie for himself and sky blue for the Ushers. Kris chose our navy light weight suit and matching waistcoat again opting for the navy tie for himself and the Groomsmen to match the bridesmaids.

Change the waistcoat

The easiest way to make the Groom stand out is to opt for a different waistcoat to everyone else. Our featured Grooms here are all wearing outfits from our hire suit collection. The most popular way with our Grooms is to chose something eye catching for themselves and to put the rest of the party in to a matching waistcoat. As you can see from our real life wedding photo's above it's easy to spot the Groom! A great answer to the question, how do you make the Groom stand out. All these outfits are available within our hire collection.

Dinner suit changes to make the Groom stand out (in hire wear)

Dinner suits aren't quite so easy to 'mix it up a bit' when it comes to making the Groom stand out. That doesn't mean to say its not possible though. Mr & Mr Topsfield both wore scoop double breasted waistcoats but put their Ushers in to scoop waistcoats. Ryan added a bit of 'bling' with a pocket watch to be different. Mr. Gowland made a deliberate choice to distinguish himself from his ushers by changing the color of his jacket to an ivory dinner jacket (DJ), while keeping everyone else in the same outfit. This decision helped him stand out from his ushers and drew more attention as the Groom.

By changing up the style of the waistcoat, jacket colour, bow tie size or adding a pocket watch you can make the Groom stand out. All of the above looks can be achieved within our evening wear hire collection.

Make the Groom stand out, custom and MTM dinner suits

Changing the jacket color is a bold move that can instantly make the Groom stand out. Even if the rest of the wedding party is dressed in similar dinner suits or tuxedos. A different jacket color can make the Groom the focal point. Another way to subtly differentiate for the Groom is opting for a slightly different texture or fabric for his dinner suit. This can add depth and visual interest to the Groom's wedding suit, setting him apart from the rest of the wedding party.

Below are some of our Grooms in their wedding suits. From luxurious rich velvets, textured jacquards and ivory dinner suits.

Making the Groom stand out with a mix of MTM & hire suits

Mr Butt's wedding
Mr Butt green wedding suit from our made-to-measure collection making this groom stand out

Mr Butt had a made-to-measure 3 piece suit in a wonderful rich green light weight wool. He opted for a matching dark British racing green tie and made the look complete with a sliver tie slide.

For his Groomsmen, Mr Butt chose a a royal blue 3 piece suit from our hire collection. He kept the waistcoat style and tie colour the same as his outfit. Just changing the colour of the suit and waistcoat made the Groom stand out.

Mr Butt's Groomsmen wore navy but kept the tie colour.
Blue check for Mr Clark
This Groom, Mr Clark, chose a check suit with his Ushers in our lambs wool suits

This Groom, Mr Clark, had a made-to-measure blue window pane check suit with a matching scollop waistcoat. Finishing his look off with an antique ivory tie and pocket square. His Groomsmen wore our airforce blue lambs wool hire suits with the same accessories as the Groom.

A light colour wedding suit for Mr Grant

Our made-to-measure Grooms often opt for a light coloured suit. Making, Mr Grant, the Groom, stand out was easy. He selected a 3 piece suit, from the made-to-measure range, with a navy tie and handkerchief. Then he reversed his look for his entourage. Putting them in a 3 piece navy suit with a cream tie and pocket square.

A beige MTM suit for Mr Grant & hire navy lightweight for the Ushers
Mr Crocker wore tweed
A navy lambs wool suit and matching oatmeal waistcoat MTM was the choice of Mr Crocker

A rich navy lambs wool made-to-measure suit with contrasting oatmeal scoop double breasted waistcoat and pocket square was the outfit choice for Mr Crocker. Adding a pocket watch to complete his look.

For his Groomsmen Mr Crocker opted for a 3 piece ink blue suit from our hire range. They all wore our lavender Duchess satin ties and hanks that co-ordinated perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses.

The groomsmen all wore a 3 piece ink suit from our hire range
Mr Small also wore tweed
A green MTM suit for West end 'Frozen' star Mr Small

An opulent dark green suit teamed up with orange accessories (including the suit lining and waistcoat back) was the made-to-measure suit choice for our West End Star of 'Frozen' Mr Small.

For the rest of his wedding party Mr Small selected our grey light weight wool lounge suits and matching collarless double breasted waistcoats.

Relaxing with his Groomsmen Mr Small chose hire suits for them

Made-to-measure the luxurious way to make the Groom stand out

The ultimate way to make the Groom stand out is to have a full made-to-measure suit for the wedding. With the help our our MTM team you can design your own suit and have it tailored to your our person fit. You can select your jacket style, fabric and lining material. you can then personalise it with internal embroidery both on the inside of the jacket and under the melton. Choose the width & style of your lapel, the angle & quantity of you pockets, buttons and even the colour of the buttonhole thread plus many more options. And that's just the jacket!

Being able to design your own suit from scratch may sound like a luxury. However, you will be suprised as they are more affordable then you think. Most of the time they work out a lot less expensive than the Bride's dress. The added bonus being that you can wear your suit again. For more details please contact our made-to-measure teams at either of our shops. Billericay 01277 651140 or Colchester 01206 571171.

Dinner suit changes to make the Groom stand out (MTM)

Lots of Grooms have already been thinking about their wedding suits when they come in to us. Knowing what they want is a dinner suit is one thing. Being brave enough to do something a little more alternative is something else!

Mr Baker opted for a dark green light weight suit. Trimming it with the classic silk lapel and wearing it with a scoop waistcoats and classic black bow tie ensured that it looked unique. Kez looked great in his pewter grey dinner suit for his beach wedding. He had to wait a long time to wear it too as this is one of our covid delayed weddings. Mr Deek's destination wedding review is one of our best so far. It says "suit looked the b*****ks" his words not ours! So I'm guessing his cream made-to-measure suit ivory dinner jacket with black lapels certainly made this Groom feel a million dollars!

A total unique look to ensure that the Groom stands out

Having a statement suit to ensure you stand out is something for only the brave. Some of our Grooms have very specific ideas that we work with. Others know they are after something alternative but aren't sure quite how to achieve this. This is where our team of made-to-measure specialists really come into their own. Plus the team love the challenge. Especially Iain (our General Manager) in our Billericay shop!

Having a real vintage feel to his wedding suit look Mr Dean chose to finish his look off completely with his flat cap. His suit cloth was a large window pane check in blue and pink lambs wool. It worked perfectly with his Bride, Carrie-Ann's, vintage inspired dress & styling. Mr Barrett wanted a large hint of Scotland for his wedding. Between himself and our MTM team they came up with a 'classic on top & party on the bottom' ensemble! A green tweed jacket and waistcoat & light weight pure wool tartan trews to make the statement he wanted. Opting for a dark vintage green lambs wool tweed suit and a contrasting orange tweed waistcoat Mr Hart certainly went for something a little alternative for his wedding suit. It looked amazing in the photo's he sent us of wondering through the woodland on his wedding day.

We can cater for all the family

We tried to make this Groom stand out with his made-to-measure forest green wedding suit. The Groom, Mr Tobin, certainly looked elegant and amazing for his big day. Unfortunately the star of the show was Ziggy the pomeranian, who we made a custom made bow tie for! This just goes to prove you can do everything to be the male star of your wedding day but sometimes you have to admit you've been upstaged!