Personalized wedding suit, nothing says one of a kind more then having your suit personalized especially for you. Whether it is inside of your jacket, in your melton or on the cuff of your shirt. There are many ways in which you can give your wedding suit that extra edge.

Not only can you do you have a choice with the words you pick. Maybe your mantra, words of inspiration, your Brides 'pet name' or just something fun. You can also choose the font you want it in. Plus you can even have the embroidery thread in a colour to match with the bridesmaids. Thankfully we have a wide selection of colours available to choose from. Which can help link the wedding colour scheme into the outfit in a subtle way.

Embroidery under the collar of a personalised wedding suit and shirt

Personalized jacket lining embroidery

Within your custom or made-to-measure jacket embroidery you have two options. The first is on the inside of your jacket on the lining. The second is underneath your collar, your melton.

With many of our customers here, the inside of the jacket will usually have a patterned lining. This includes anything from classic pin up girls to old fashioned bicycles! But the extra touch of a personalized wedding suit comes in the form of either one or two lines of embroidery. The top line, more often then not, will include a couples initials with the second line consisting of the wedding date. A classy touch from a groom's point of view to make sure he will always remember his special day.

Wedding day embroidery
A classic pin up lining with initials and wedding date embroidered onto the lining to create a personalized wedding suit

Occasionally though, we get customers who come in and want to go one step further with their embroidery. Something that goes against the norm. Something that means something to them personally. The originality in some of these has ranged from favourite quotes, and lines taken from some of the most iconic music in our history. These unique people make us enjoy what we do. They give us more inspiration for our other customers in helping them create a more personalized wedding suit.

Pink Floyd see you on the dark side of the moon
Classic Pink Floyd album inside a made-to-measure jacket made this a truly personalized wedding suit

Jacket collar embroidery on your personalized wedding suit

Now for the embroidery underneath the jacket collar. We see people start to get a bit braver with what they have put underneath. This is because the jacket collar cannot be seen unless lifted. Many of our groom's feel this gives them a bit more freedom with what they can have. Most still keep it nice and tasteful by having a few nice words put in. Others like to push the boundaries of what they can get away with. Some even going as far as explicit content, the likes of which are too strong to be seen on here. Our most common embroidery tends to be "Just Married" as a classy touch to the groom's wedding suit.

Jacket collar embroidery
A classy touch of embroidery under the jacket collar of the grooms personalized wedding suit

The braver guys go a little bit further with this embroidery, and see how much they can get away with. Many of these will be their favourite football teams in the teams colours, or private jokes between friends. Either way it makes for a great picture. When the Groom makes the grand reveal of what he has chosen to go under his collar. But if that is what the groom wants in his wedding suit, then who are we to say no? And of course the bride will take it all as a joke.....won't she?

Wedding suit embroidery under collar
A bit of fun can go either way, but the bride was amused on this occassion.

Shirt embroidery

The embroidery on the shirt can come in a variety of places. On the cuff, under the collar, or even just on the front of the shirt! A simple touch is all that's needed. Such as the date of the wedding, or the bride and groom's initials. This can add a personal feel to any shirt. Making it a unique made-to-measure shirt that truly is one of a kind.

Even your wedding shoes!

Well..... you've had the embroidery put on your made to measure shirt and suit. So you might as well put it into your bespoke shoes. Now this won't be seen by anyone on your wedding day. Or at all actually, but as the option is available to you at no extra charge. So it would be rude not to have your wedding date and initials put in. Now we don't offer a range of fonts or colours with this embroidery, but does it really matter? No is the answer. But it does make for a good photo before you put them on.

So yes it may seem a bit unnecessary at times. But guys need as much help as possible when it comes to remembering anniversary's. That's why we give them the chance to remember this special day with a personalized wedding suit. Whether it be in a years time or in ten years time. Plus the embroidery can produce some truly incredible photo opportunities on your wedding day, so why not put it in. Be unique. Look different. Go bold! Make a statement with your personalized wedding suit.